Brady Campaign

Satire on the Brady Campaign?

by Skip April 28, 2015

OK, let’s “believe” the satire Change their plans?  Um, yup – that would be the point of not wussing out from quivering fear.  The “missed” point of shooting them IS to change their plans – so as to prevent them from changing any of yours. (H/T: Liberal Logic 101)

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Did California Politicians Kill Those People or Was it The Brady Campaign?

by Steve MacDonald May 28, 2014
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After SandyHook, California added 11 new anti-gun bills into state law. California, the land of rich liberals who have a lock on power, gets an A- for Gun Control from the Brady Campaign.  Not sure how they rate on knives or BMW’s but guess what they get an F in? It’s understandable that the grief-stricken […]

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“Brady Campaign to Honor Yee for Violence Prevention”

by Skip March 27, 2014

As Steve laid out here and here, we have an Uber-GunGrabber now in deep sneakers: Democrat Leland Yee has been indicted for gun running.  Yup, gun running – he may be against “gun violence” here in the US but two-facedly has no qualms about making a profit from “gun violence” somewhere else.  It is stunning, […]

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Weapons of Mass Destruction

by Susan Olsen December 24, 2012

According to the National Right to Life folks, 1.2 million unborn children were killed by Planned Parenthood and its ilk via abortion in 2011.  According to the Brady Campaign, 12,179 people (children and adults) are killed each year by guns or gun-related crimes. So, unborn children are 98 times more likely to die at the […]

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When It Comes to the Second Amendment, Guiliani’s The Man!

by Rick Olson July 15, 2011

Is America’s Mayor one of the most, “misinterpreted politicians on the Second Amendment?” Steve Talarico seems to think so.

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