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Let’s Just Start Calling It Like It Is…He’s President Barack FauxBama

by Steve MacDonald May 21, 2012

He’s not just a blank palette upon which others project their (insert whatever it is they are projecting here), he was also a blank palette upon which he projected himself.  So let’s just call it like it is.  He’s Barack FauxBama.   Video :PJ TV H/T Mike Rogers

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Yet More Fraudian Slips from the Fake Background of Our Composite President

by Mike May 20, 2012

A week or so ago, I noted that the odd perspective and lighting had led analysts to question the authenticity of the famous Obama-Osama situation room photograph. (Another Fraudian Slip from the Obama Administration?) Little did I know that, like many politicians, Obama had been partial to a little creative resume enhancement: You don’t have […]

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