The IRS Can’t Find The Receipts…

by Steve MacDonald June 6, 2013

You really can’t make this stuff up. IRS spends 50 million of your dollars and mine…on a boondoggle that wasn’t even supposed to happen after the whole GSA debacle, and they can’t find the receipts. Too busy targeting political opponents? Wait! I bet they blame the sequester.

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NH Executive Council Votes To Explore Boondoggle

by Steve MacDonald February 7, 2013

The Executive Council, by a vote of 4-1, has approved a 3.7 million dollar feasibility study–all three Democrats and sometime Republican Ray Burton voted to approve the expense. “Expanded rail service to Nashua and beyond has the potential to boost New Hampshire’s economy and create jobs. The only way we can understand the full impact […]

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Democrats, Trains And HB 218

by Steve MacDonald February 13, 2011

The Union Leader has a great editorial in this mornings Sunday News titles “Free Trains.” It is great for several reasons the least of which is that it mirrors concerns I have been expressing for years. No matter who pays to build them, someone has to pay to keep them. That would be New Hampshire Taxpayers. Democrats are aghast that the NH House would dissolve the New Hampshire Rail Transit Authority, because hey it doesn’t cost anything.

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