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Boo Hoo Hamster Can Finally Write Something about the DOJ – AP Story

by Steve MacDonald May 15, 2013

Last night Skip observed that the progressive mouthpiece for the Democrat blogosphere in New Hampshire (Bleu Hampshire) had been awfully quiet given all the newsy tid-bits peppering the interwebs.  Nothing to report on Benghazi, The IRS, HHS, DOJ seizing AP phone records, dead Americans, failed Middle East policy…nothing. But there is good news. Blue Hamster has leave to react […]

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Blue Hampshire Hits Reset Button on Democrat Cynthia Chase?

by Steve MacDonald January 8, 2013

ALG’s Daily Grind at Net Right Daily is reporting the rantings of New Hampshire Democrat Cynthia Chase…with a Tweest!  OK, it’s actually an update. The blog post from Rep. Cynthia Chase has been pulled down. In fact the whole website, was completely reset today just as light was being shed on the questionable blog […]

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Standing in Line to Vote is A Form of Vote Suppression or Intimidation?

by Steve MacDonald September 11, 2012

(I just posted this as a comment on Tom’s post…but you know what?  It’s good enough for it’s own post, with a twist!) Hey. Bleu Hamsters?  Did you know that there are less than 800,000  registered voters in NH but over 900,000 issued drivers licenses? Hey.  Boo Hoo Hamasters.  Did you know that Federal law […]

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Dean “Bob” Barker climbs off the Hamster

by Steve MacDonald January 17, 2011

Dean ‘Bob’ Barker will no longer be handling the day to day duties at Boo Hoo Hamster so we are left to wonder whose job it will be to decide what hate and threats should stay up as representative of free speech and what should be taken down as free speech that is more trouble than it is worth. So many qualified people to choose from for that job…

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What’s All This Then?

by Steve MacDonald January 11, 2011

Tom has done Yeoman’s work in bringing us examples of the left wing hypocrisy known as ‘real’ hate speech.  But it’s hard to beat the work done by Michelle Malkin, who has what may be one of the most comprehensive examples (and it is somehow still incomplete) of what motivates the progressives. As you scroll […]

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Got Hate? The “JohnnyBBad” Edition

by Steve MacDonald January 6, 2011

Thanks to Fairmind over at Red Hampshire we have this story.  A regular contributor at Boo Hoo Hamster posted what amounted to a death threat against Speaker Bill O’Brien. “I was just in Cahncid driving down Main St. and my car tried to speed up when I saw Speaker O’Lien in the crosswalk…thank God my […]

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