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GrokTALK! April 19th, 2014 – Jeanne Shaheen Is Worse For NH Than “Global Warming”

by Steve MacDonald April 24, 2014

Whether you believe in global warming or not you can believe in this; Jeanne Shaheen’s vote for ObamaCare WILL Shorten New Hampshire’s Ski Season. Solution? Vote her out of office. No bailouts, grants, loans, carbon taxes, or higher energy rates. In fact, without Shaheen in the Senate, we might actually make some of those things […]

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GrokTALK! April 19th, 2014 – Kimberly Morin from Manchester Political Buzz Examiner

by Steve MacDonald April 23, 2014

New Hampshire activist Kimberly Morin joins us to talk about a recent UNH Poll with numbers that are all screwed up; which NH House Rep said we were “maxed out on Freedom”; the pending departure of State Senator Bob Odell; who is going to make the RINO report; and SB120 and government as the speech […]

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Breaking News: NH State Senator Bob Odell is Retiring

by Steve MacDonald April 18, 2014
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Alternate headline.  Bob Odell – “My work here is done.” After trashing New Hampshire by guaranteeing a future broad-based tax to pay for his embrace of Medicaid expansion (see also ObamaCare), too-long term State Senator Bob Odell has reportedly announced his retirement– days after JP Marzullo announced he would challenge Odell in a primary. (Happy […]

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Guest Post – JP Marzullo (Candidate for NH State Senate Dist 8)

by Steve MacDonald April 17, 2014
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Like many of us in Liberal Bob Odell’s State Senate District 8, I am disappointed that our Senator is devoting so much time trying to find new ways to raise taxes on the hard-working people in New Hampshire.  You’d have thought that voting to expand Obamacare was enough. It was not. In his never-ending quest […]

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Republican JP Marzullo Is Running For The NH Senate in District 8

by Steve MacDonald April 15, 2014
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Will Bob Odell bow out or allow himself to be pummelled in a primary? From Aaron Day c/o Facebook With great enthusiasm, I am happy to share the news that JP Marzullo is running for NH State Senate from District 8, and I urge you to support him vigorously as he strives to reclaim our […]

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The Cost of Medicaid Has Increased 31,212 %

by Steve MacDonald February 26, 2014
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If NH Senate Republicans would like to do some more math on just how much that best-case scenario 10% is going to cost their New Hampshire constituents over the long haul, (Democrats don’t care, by the way) they might want to factor this in as well. c/o The Daily Caller Using government data, in his […]

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The Republican Wing of the Democrat Party & SB 413

by Susan Olsen February 17, 2014

Tomorrow, these gentlemen are going to begin the process of ramming Medicaid Expansion through the elitist seats of the NH State Senate.  Word has it that after paying lip-service to a “public hearing” before the Senate Committee on Health, Education and Human Services, chaired by alleged Republican Nancy Stiles, the Committee will exec the bill […]

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Good question…

by Susan Olsen February 8, 2014

A reader posed this question…  

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Birthright – SOLD!

by Susan Olsen November 14, 2013
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SB 0120 – Let’s name the names, shall we? Jeb Bradley (R), Sharon Carson (R), Bob Odell (R), Shawn Jasper (R), Gary Richardson (D)

by Skip February 4, 2013

Let me get this off my chest: I am now ashamed that GraniteGrok, Meet the New Press (our former radio show), and I, did all we could to help Jeb Bradley, the prime sponsor of this Act, beat “Bathroom Bud” Martin in that special election that seems so long ago.  I was told he was […]

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