Bob Costas

Bob Costas – showing that he is a true Liberal with a single phrase

by Skip December 5, 2012

We’re not done covering sports broadcaster Bob Costas and his outburst for gun control during Monday Night Football.  In trying to “explain” his MNF soliliquoy, he let this sally forth as some kind of an explanation.  Now, there are a lot of folks that are just concentrating on the talk specifically about guns; my beef […]

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Once again, Liberals only seeing what’s in the hand and not in the heart

by Skip December 4, 2012

And of his former broadcasting bud, OJ?  I think the caption says it all. (H/T: Liberal Logic 101)

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Bob Costas: The Sportscast World’s Own Personal Douchebag

by Rick Olson December 4, 2012

“Let’s have a toast for the douchebags, Let’s have a toast for the a**holes, Let’s have a toast for the scumbags, Every one of them that I know.” —Kanye West DID YOU KNOW…Bob Costas hires his own personal armed security? In the world of man-make-up, bad hairpieces and dudes who get facials, manicures and other, less […]

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