GrokTALK! – Groksters Assemble – Live Streaming

by Steve MacDonald December 13, 2014

This week the bloggers from crowd the studio to talk about the upcoming legislative session, girding, arming, and preparing to double down on principles as we face off against a Democrat elected speaker in Republican clothing. 9am to 11am EST. Watch for twitter updates with the hashtag #GrokTALK If you don’t see it here, […]

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GrokTALK! June 21st, 2014 at the Londonderry Fish and Game Club

by Steve MacDonald June 21, 2014
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James O’Keefe was supposed to be a surprise guest for our live broadcast from the Londonderry Fish and Game Club but he arrived after the show, right before we started shooting.  Good for him (he got to shoot almost everything there, and there was a lot). But four bloggers can fill two hours and then some […]

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Notable Quote – John Adams

by Susan Olsen June 21, 2014

“…we use no other artillery than goose quills..” Or pixels.    

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Court ruling: blogs are media

by Skip April 17, 2014

It has taken a few years but blogs (like GraniteGrok) have slowly crept into the mainstream.  While many of the bloggers have crept into the MSM and most of the MSM outlets have incorporated blogs into their offerings, there has always been a pecking order.   Many have derided bloggers as “not journalists” and certainly early on, […]

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So is Scott Brown really a surrogate for Andy Leach?

by Skip April 1, 2014

This past Wednesday nite, fellow Grokster Mike and his lovely bride Mar-Mar opened up their home and brought in their friends and family to meet Scott Brown (if you haven’t heard, he may or may not run for US Senator from NH but at least is in the exploratory phase – much to the relief […]

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Court Rules: Bloggers Same As Journalists

by Steve MacDonald January 19, 2014
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And so are you, for that matter. The three-judge panel of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals held unanimously that there is no difference between a journalist for a media outlet and another speaker when it comes to First Amendment protections. … “The protections of the First Amendment do not turn on whether the defendant […]

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May 4th GrokTALK! The Complete Podcast

by Steve MacDonald May 5, 2013

It’s the Grok-a-Saurus, Grok-a-Topia, GrokTastic, Grok-a-Palooza. This week the award winning bloggers at GraniteGrok were joined by more Bloggers from GraniteGrok; Susan Olsen, Mike Rogers, and Rick Olson. What did we talk about? Muslims, Stella, Plan B-as part of a complete breakfast, Shertleff, The Flu, Anonymous hate-spewing left wing trolls, death threats, Mountain Dew, Gosnell, […]

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A Bump On The Road To Unity – some riffs off Steve

by Skip January 30, 2013

Steve’s post brings up a bunch of issues that are well worth your time to read – and as you can tell by the title here, this is a takeoff on it.  He brings up (along with some of my thoughts): Bloggers like us aren’t the problem that former NH GOP Chair Wayne MacDonald believes […]

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A Bump On The Road To Unity

by Steve MacDonald January 29, 2013

As a Blogger I am encouraged by the calls for unity from the NH-GOP leadership.  But I do not believe they have a clue about how to get there from here.  And blaming bloggers is clearly not the answer.  In fact, it is exactly the opposite of “the answer.”  I make that quite clear in […]

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NHGOP’s Orwellian Adventure

by Mike January 28, 2013

After several fine speeches about teamwork and unity at the convention this Saturday, things didn’t go so smoothly – here’s how: We have to divide the party in order to unite it (Jim Foley’s rant from the podium, and Wayne MacDOnald’s attack on bloggers.) We have to hide the vote count in order to prove […]

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RightOnline Blogger Roundup 7-17-2012

by Steve MacDonald July 17, 2012

There were 200 plus bloggers at RightOnline 2012 and I’ve got links to the websites of at least 40 of them.  So I’d like to take some time (as often as I can) to visit them in groups and post whatever they’ve got at the top of the page.  No promises on how often, but […]

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RightOnline Bloggers – Write On-Line About Independence Day

by Steve MacDonald July 5, 2012

The bloggers of RightOnline 2012–sounds like a bad idea for a calendar–took to the internet yesterday to share some thoughts on the 236th anniversary of America’s Declaration of Independence.   And some of those shared  posts with each other.  I thought it would be helpful to compile a few here at GraniteGrok. Where there was more […]

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Top 25 Political Mom’s – Vote By April 4th

by Steve MacDonald April 3, 2012

Not sure who or why there are any Democrat Mom’s on this list.  I figured they were like Unicorns or perhaps some extinct species we hear about but never see.  But that’s hardly the point of the voting.  The point is to acknowledge moms who have invested themselves in the political debate.  Women with children […]

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Santorum Blogger Conference Call on Obamacare and Consistency

by Mike March 22, 2012

This afternoon, Granite Grok was one of a select number of conservative bloggers on a conference call with Senator Rick Santorum, and several of us got to ask questions of the candidate – the transcript is the best approximation that my typing skills could muster, and thanks to Pete, DaTechGuy, for some corrections: Senator Santorum: […]

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