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Democrat Rep: Handgun Ban is Next

by Scott Morales March 18, 2013

After the assault weapons ban, handguns are next.  That’s not just coming from some zany, paranoid, right wing kook like me. No, that’s coming from a Democrat crypto-fascist representative from Illinois. Don’t believe me? See for yourself: Jason Mattera: “The assault weapons ban is only just the beginning?” Democrat Rep. Jan Schakowsky (IL): ”Oh absolutely, […]

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We Warn and Warn and Warn. The Pimps Ignore. Now, the Pimps Pay!

by Scott Morales January 20, 2013

We’ve warned and received derision and dismissal in response.  We’ve argued and received denouncements and sardonic denials. Our claims were decried and characterized as far right paranoid fantasy. We’ve been told that our observation of what happens with Big Gov are delusional scare tactics and are meant to instill a Mad Max world type fear […]

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