Black Friday

Black – Holiday Sales in One Searchable Place

by Steve MacDonald November 26, 2015
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I discovered this site while fooling around on the internet. (How else?) Black  They curate holiday ads. As I write this you can search 62 Sales, 22 ad circulars, and 8 Cyber Monday sales from one place, and most of the major retailers appear to be present. (And even if they don’t have a […]

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Wal-Mart Walk Out

by Steve MacDonald November 16, 2012

I know where I am going to shop on Black Friday.  Wal-Mart. Why? Because pro-union groups are agitating Wal-Mart employees across the nation to walk-out on Black Friday.  Unions have been trying to ruin Wal-Mart’s price advantage for years, particularity since they got into the grocery business; grocers unions were pissed and still are. Overall […]

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