Bill Gardner

Bill Gardner: “New Hampshire is the Easiest State to Vote in the Whole Country”

by Steve MacDonald May 26, 2018

Like that’s actually a good thing. Speaking Friday morning,[ NH Sec. of State Bill] Gardner … said he was asked by former state Rep. and House Election Law Committee member Susan DeLemus to attend the group’s July 9 meeting. Gardner said he agreed because he’s happy to speak about election law and the reasons “why […]

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New Hampshire’s “Super-enfranchised Voter” Loophole

by Ed Naile March 25, 2018

In New Hampshire, our Secretary of State cannot define a person’s domicile or residence. It is a matter of “intent” he claims. Our courts are no different. The justices have determined, using some dictionary they have not made public, that anyone can have a voting domicile in NH as long as it is in their […]

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The Election Law Commission Is Coming To Town

by Ed Naile July 11, 2017

In a few months, maybe weeks, the President Trump Election Commission will start taking public testimony. This has the leftist, progressives, Marxists, college professors of gibberish, and our star media all in a panic, to say the least. They will plead there is no need for an election commission to investigate how Federal Elections are […]

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Knock, Knock. “Whose there?” Brian Buonomano. (It’s a Joke.)

by Ed Naile May 18, 2017

Here is the latest in the 20-year effort to deny voter fraud in NH. Some left-wing activists asked the NH AG’s Office for any investigations that office had done since the November general election. As usual, the answer from that office is laughable.

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Let’s Get Real About New Hampshire Voter Fraud

by Ed Naile March 31, 2017

NH1 News seems to be the only statewide media, other than bloggers, interested in the possible loss of a US Senate seat to voter fraud. Finally, Secretary of State William Gardner is beginning to open the door to the possibility of voter fraud affecting statewide elections in NH. It is a breakthrough even though the […]

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Secretary of State Bill Gardner – Too Little – Too Late

by Ed Naile March 30, 2017

NH1 News has a nice scoop about voter fraud in NH’s 2016 election where thousands of-out-of state voters tipped a US Senate seat – but they drink some of the standard NH voter fraud Kool Aide in the story. Too bad. Still, they now have a lot of the issues out in the open regarding […]

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SB 47 – A Voter Fraud Clown Car Stopped By – No Thanks

by Ed Naile March 2, 2017

A little bird called me early this morning to let me know about an article regarding voter fraud in the Manchester paper. It is a letter to the editor by two attorneys warning everyone about SB 47, a bill to let Secretary of State Bill Gardner, of all people, handle voter fraud investigations – not […]

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Ted Cruz Files At The State House

by Mike November 12, 2015

There was a heckuva turnout for Ted Cruz’ filing at the State House this week, and a couple of history lessons, too – I like the way Secretary Gardner did not just deliver his usual short history of the First In The Nation primary, but also referenced an earlier visit by Rafael Cruz, talked about […]

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I’d count the silverware before she leaves…

by Susan Olsen November 9, 2015

Clinton security has NH SOS Gardner searched before entering his own office…. H/T DJ Bettencourt ,Tony Schinella

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GrokTALK! Sept 27th, 2014 Segment One

by Steve MacDonald September 30, 2014
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In Segment one we open with the Constitutional event in NH last Saturday which leads to  voter fraud; NH Sec of State Bill Gardner; UL Editorial Page Editor Drew Cline; the interstate crosscheck to catch double-voters; another Massachusetts voter who votes in NH, and how the NH Attorney General’s office wouldn’t remove 4 people from […]

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GrokTALK! Yes! NH Has Vote Fraud w/ Ed Naile

by Steve MacDonald September 29, 2014
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In this segment CNHT chairman Ed Naile talks about  Secretary of State Bill Gardner’s voter fraud ‘Confession’ interview with the UL. Yes, New Hampshire, there is Voter Fraud in your state and local elections. Ed explores the power a NH Secretary of State might actually have to ensure clean elections (along with the courts and […]

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GrokTALK! Sept. 27h, 2014 – There’s Vote Fraud In NH

by Steve MacDonald September 27, 2014
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This week on GrokTALK! we are joined by NH State Senate candidate Kathy Rago (Dist 7), LFGC President and Grok contributor Rick Olson, and the Chairman of CNHT, Ed Naile – who helps us explore (throughout the program) the recent admission by New Hampshire’s Secretary of state, Bill Gardner, that there is and long has […]

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If YOU Had A Simple Way To Expose Double Voters In NH, Would YOU Do It?

by Ed Naile September 26, 2014

Here is something interesting. In sixteen pages the Interstate Voter Registration Crosscheck Program is explained in a simple power point style. I gave a copy to NH Secretary of State Bill Gardner today in his office. Since his Manchester paper revelation interview on Wednesday I have been busy putting together a few suggestions for Secretary […]

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A Matter of INTENT

by Ed Naile August 12, 2013

I hear a lot of excuses about how we have to let THOUSANDS of non-residents vote in NH because there is no way to determine their “INTENT.” Once again, THOUSANDS of non-resident voters come here each election cycle, steal our votes and stay on the checklists for up to ten years. Don’t believe me? Check […]

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How About That “Non-Existent Voter Fraud” Meme…or something

by Steve MacDonald September 1, 2012

Donna Schlachman writing an opinion piece in Seacoast Online, says she asked New Hampshire Secretary of State Bill Gardner (last year) about voter fraud and…. I learned that actual cases of fraud are practically non-existent. Even last year’s staged attempt to prove that people can vote illegally in N.H. was unsuccessful. It turns out that […]

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