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Hillary: “name two accomplishments”

by Skip November 1, 2015

Really, I did not know that these were accomplishments: “As Secretary of State, she did not fight with Obama” “Being the President’s wife” Given her philandering husband Bill, I’d give her that. But that’s the best these Hillary supporters can come up with? (H/T: Progressives Today)

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Banned from Facebook for posting the TRUTH about Hillary Clinton

by Kimberly Morin October 31, 2015

For the first time in the 8 years I’ve been on Facebook, I have been temporarily banned. Why? Because I told the TRUTH about Hillary Clinton.

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Bill Clinton’s Secret Shell Company

by Steve MacDonald May 26, 2015
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File this under “oh, look a Clinton hiding money.” Bill has a private company.  It’s called WJC, LLC.  It’s how he ‘manages” his consulting services.  And good for him.  But it has no employees, does not need to be disclosed by Hillary (him, just being the spouse and all), and its purpose is not disclosed […]

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Blogline of the Day: Monica Lewinsky’s boyfriend’s wife speaks up about sexual assault

by Skip April 26, 2015

Do they really ever think about what they say, and the context in which the rest of us hear this?  And in this case, wonder why Hillary hasn’t divorced  Bill yet? WHEN AMERICA SLIPS BEYOND PARODY: Bill Clinton’s Wife Condemns ‘Scourge Of Sexual Assault’ In First Big Speech. (H/T: Instapundit)

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Hillary Clinton gets ready for her ‘War On Women’ speech

by Kimberly Morin April 12, 2015

  h/t Dan Edmonds

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Looks like Hillary also deleted the memory of laws her Husband passed

by Kimberly Morin March 28, 2015

There seems to be a lot of faux outrage over Indiana passing the Religious Freedom Restoration Act.  Not only do 19 other states have similar laws but Bill Clinton passed the RFRA in 1993 when DEMOCRATS were in the majority in Congress.

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Betsy McCaughey: Hillary is no glass-ceiling shattering pioneer

by Skip March 25, 2015

Betsy McCaughey was on our show recently and mentioned that she had this column coming on Hillary Clinton and give us permission to host it here: HILLARY CLINTON’S expected presidential run is being hailed as a chance to shatter the glass ceiling. That’s nonsense. Hillary rose to power solely on her husband’s sleazy coattails. She’s […]

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Too funny (and too sad): The Clintonian “I did not…”

by Skip March 11, 2015

Very Clintonian! (H/T: RedState)

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Bill Continues to Cheat on Hillary

by Steve MacDonald July 23, 2014
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New Hampshire’s Democrat women are huge fans of the impeached perjurer and accused rapist Bill Clinton. I’m sure they console their conflicted feminist hearts by telling themselves those days are past. Or, more likely, that they are untrue, part of the vast right wing conspiracy, or some historical revisionist plot to smear their Democrat White […]

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She Was For it Before She Was Against it Before She Was….Something.

by Steve MacDonald July 1, 2014
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Mr. Hillary Clinton signed the law that Obama and HHS violated when their bureaucratic rule making produced the contraceptive mandate that violated Hobby Lobby’s right to offer only 16 kinds of FDA approved “contraception” to its employees instead of 20.   Hillary objects.  Clinton Legacy? As I see it, Hillary's current legacy consists of opposing […]

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GrokBite: Bill Clinton demands that we all pay the cost of a higher minimum wage

by Skip June 29, 2014

Once again, I can rely on Meet The Press to throw up some blog fodder from Socialistic Communitarians that believe that there should never be Liberty in action – you WILL be made to care (as Erick Erickson from RedState puts it) and contribute.  Former President Bill Clinton on the idea of raising the minimum […]

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Human Stem Cells Successfully Transplanted Into Pigs

by Steve MacDonald June 6, 2014
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“Human stem cells successfully transplanted into pigs” is a headline on Drudge this morning. The first thing that came to mind was pigs like…Bill Clinton, Anthony Weiner, Bob Filner, and Eliot Spitzer.

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So why did Bill double-cross the NH Democrats?

by Skip April 10, 2014

For years, Ed Naile of CNHT has toiled in the vineyards of Voter Fraud here in NH.  Sure, the soil here is rocky (lots of NH Democrats), the weather is erratic (first the Repubs govern, and then the Dems try to rule), but the season seems to be never ending (i.e., “the never ending campaigning”) […]

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Rape Culture

by Steve MacDonald April 2, 2014
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According to liberals sex education should start as early as possible.  Condoms, the pill, abortions, and day after pills are rights that girls of all ages are entitled to and parents should have little or no say in the matter.  Objections to the over-sexualization of children by “professionals” or the culture are backwards and ill-informed, […]

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Obligatory “Obama’s Brother Malik Tied To Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt” Post

by Steve MacDonald January 26, 2014
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Is this the best one yet?  Former City Director of the William J. Clinton Foundation gets tied to Morsi and the Muslim brotherhood, along with Barack Obama’s brother, Malik, who is linked to the Sudanese Da’wa Organization (IDO).   And hey, lets toss the Clinton’s in there as well. “Authorities within Egypt’s security apparatus have warned […]

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What Is It With Democrat Presidents…?

by Steve MacDonald November 25, 2013
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President Bill Clinton lobbed missiles or bombs at select “enemies” as a distraction on the evenings before major hearings or depositions tied to his peter-problem. Obama, seeing his polling collapse after being nailed on 20 plus counts of “serial liar who would say anything for a political victory,” and the ObamaCare fallout of his disinterest […]

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Notable Quote – John Edwards

by Steve MacDonald November 10, 2013

When asked by CBS’ Katie Couric if voters should care if a presidential candidate is faithful to his spouse? “Of course.  I mean, for a lot of Americans–including the family that I grew up with, I mean, it’s fundamental to how you judge people and human character–whether you keep your word, whether you keep what […]

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Joe Biden, protector of women from “Neanderthals”

by Ed Naile September 13, 2013

Never put it past Joe Biden to come up with some outlandish statement for apparently no reason other than a camera is nearby.  He spoke to a packed-with-supporters room last night about his single-handed efforts to stop violence against women: The bill Biden passed single-handedly is twenty years old and had come up for re-authorization […]

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Do What You Gotta Do Girl

by Ed Naile September 9, 2013

Suddenly, and without warning, a secret diary pops up in the New York press and an irresistible young Robert F. Kennedy has some explaining to do. I imagine the dust from his personal “hit” list of female Democrat sexual conquests will take longer than 2016 to settle down. Wouldn’t you say? I scanned the chatter […]

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Did Bill Clinton Just Try to Make It Easier To Buy Assault Weapons in NH?

by Steve MacDonald August 29, 2013
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Yesterday, the impeached, sex-offending, perjurer known as former President Bill Clinton said this… “A great democracy does not make it harder to vote than to buy an assault weapon.” -Bill Clinton To buy an assault weapon you have to provide photo ID.  You have to undergo a federal background check to ensure that no state, […]

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Obama’s Revolutionary Second-Term Definfing Plan – It’s Been in Place Since 1997

by Steve MacDonald August 16, 2013

In search of a second term defining plan, the Obama team is our running a PR campaign on an effort they claim is new and innovative–so much so that it may define Mr. Obama’s second term as President. They want to spend billions on getting High Speed internet to every classroom in America, a program […]

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Gregory Hicks Supported Hillary and Obama

by Steve MacDonald May 12, 2013

According to his attorney, one of the men “speaking truth to power” on Benghazi (Gregory Hicks) is a registered Democrat who supported Hillary Clinton in the 2008 primary, then later voted for Barack Obama.  Twice. And why wouldn’t he be?  He was the deputy chief of mission in Libya before Chris Stevens was executed by […]

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Maybe UNH Could Spend Some Tax Dollars to Solve this ‘Problem’

by Steve MacDonald May 2, 2013

Some days posts just fall into each other like drunken wedding guests doing the chicken dance.  Today, those ‘guests’ are prostitutes, possibly having attended a conference on the sex industry at UNH, though they also may have been driven into the sex trade by Global Warming.  Wait for it… A gaggle of Congressional Democrats, led by […]

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And Obama makes three….

by Skip March 2, 2013

Worthy sayings of worthy Presidents?  Wonderful legacies all… (H/T: Instapundit via Powerline)

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Gifts That Keep On Taking…

by Steve MacDonald December 15, 2012

I don’t typically blog a lot on weekends.  It’s family time, and the house and yard and other matters take priority, but this popped into my head early this morning and has been begging to be blogged. Gifts inspired by Democrats. Yeah, I know, the possibilities are endless.  Like the Hillary Clinton anti-sniper vest, or […]

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Bwahahahaha! Clinton Quote For The Ages…

by Steve MacDonald November 6, 2012

“…who wants a president who will knowingly, repeatedly tell you something he knows is not true?”” That’s easy.  The entire Democrat party.   They are still in love with your disbarred, cheating, womanizing, marriage vow breaking, serial lying, impeached, perjurer, backside. … Daily Caller

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Does Clinton have the same idea of “Womens Health” that Maggie “The Red” Hassan has?

by Skip November 4, 2012

              Somehow, I think that Slick “I did not have sex with that women!” Willey has a different idea of “women’s health” than Hassan has….

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O’Bam threw Hillary under the bus over Benghazi; Bill is now starting the shiv into the ribs

by Skip October 18, 2012

I have never understood why Bill Clinton kept helping out Obama (unless it was to pay off Hillary’s campaign debt) on the campaign trail.  Starting today, I think the line of “revenge is a dish best served cold”.  Or in this case – on the hot campaign trail.  I’ve never understood the marriage that Bill […]

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October Surprise – Democrat Party Civil War “Clinton’s vs. Obama’s”

by Steve MacDonald October 13, 2012

Three Days ago I suggested that someone had to take the blame for Benghazi and the cover up and that the Clinton’s would never let that ruin Hillary’s chances at a future Presidential run, or at the very least would they let it spoil their place in history.  I summed it up like this. This […]

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Until Further Notice Debbie Wasserman Schultz Will Be Referred to as ‘Baghdad Bob’

by Steve MacDonald September 6, 2012

You remember Baghdad Bob?  The US troops are advancing behind him and he’s acting like things are going well for the regime.  Just peachy. That’s Debbie Wasserman Schultz.  She’s the Democrat Parties Baghdad Bob. Yesterday she lied while lying about lying.  Today, she’s just doing her Baghdad Bob impression over Democrats creating their own distraction […]

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