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Jack Flanagan anecdote – Part 1

by Skip January 8, 2015

Remember, it was the erstwhile NH House “Majority” Leader Jack Flanagan who invited us to this game.   This was just sent in speaking to I was on a committee where Flanagan was for a while. He is very “moderate,” i.e. squishy. He admits that his district doesn’t like conservative Republicans (I don’t buy it, but […]

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Victors Want to Compromise? Fine. Do It The Right Way

by Scott Morales November 8, 2014
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I’ve been hearing a lot of noise regarding “working across the aisle” and the like from Tuesday’s victors and others in the new majority, like Ayotte, and it’s got me thinking. You want to work across the aisle, fine. Compromise can be good. Here are two distilled examples of compromise, acceptable and unacceptable. Here’s the […]

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“but whether it works” – Part “TV Trucks in Kabul” – Obama Federal Govt “working”?

by Skip October 25, 2014

“The question we ask today is not whether our government is too big or too small, but whether it works — whether it helps families find jobs at a decent wage, care they can afford, a retirement that is dignified.”            – President Barack Obama, Inauguration, 1/20/09 Works means it accomplished something worthwhile with little waste and […]

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Socialist Freedom Party – Only YOU ALL should pay that hourly rate (we pay less)

by Skip October 17, 2014

Seattle just raised its minimum wage to $15 / hour and that also include small biz – the Mom & Pop type operations – as well as the big ones.  One of the biggest yellers at the time was the Socialist Freedom Party that was jumping up and down demanding others pay more for goods […]

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Campaign Finance limitations – dumb idea; $$ for messaging still doesn’t translate to votes

by Skip October 15, 2014

There’s Larry Lessig’s PAC, the MayDay PAC, that is raising and spending millions of dollars this election cycle – to stop others from spending so much money.  So, too, is George Soro’s son.  The Left is as well.  Sorry, their stated of “taking the money out”, I believe, masks the real reason – stopping free […]

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Americans believe their #1 problem is Big Government and Politicians

by Skip August 19, 2014

Gallup: When you look at the most important non-economic issues identified by Americans….  …ask yourself – who or what controls those first 4 items?  Yes, that would be politicians and Government.  Dissatisfaction comes from when expectations are not met or basic functions are not performed well.  Yet, we keep hearing from the Left that Government […]

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Notable Quote – George Will

by Skip August 18, 2014

…Progressives say corporations using inversions are unpatriotic, which is amusing. When the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision stipulated that Americans do not forfeit their First Amendment right to political advocacy when they act together through corporations (including, and especially, incorporated nonprofit advocacy groups), progressives ridiculed the idea that corporations should be treated as people. Now, progressives charge that corporations resorting […]

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Is Modern Immigration Policy the Death Knell For Small Government?

by Steve MacDonald July 31, 2014
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One of our upcoming guests this week is Ann Cocoran from the Refugee Resettlement Watch blog.  There are a number of excellent resources at the site, including the EAGLE Forum report on how mass legal immigration is certain doom for a Conservative Republican party.  (Phyllis Schlafly founded Eagle Forum, by the way.) Certain doom?  Yes, […]

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Big Government Serves Washington Insiders, Not You and Me

by Don June 25, 2014

President Obama gets the blame for the failures and deaths at the VA  because President Obama is the head of the Executive Branch of our Federal Government.  (Bush got the blame before, Obama gets it now.) The Executive branch is the only branch with the Constitutional authority to execute our laws, i.e., to manage our […]

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Let’s not forget about how Obama ‘forgot’ about the VA

by Steve MacDonald June 17, 2014
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Let’s not forget about how Obama ‘forgot’ about the VA. Obama knew the VA had issues, campaigned on his commitment to correct it, increased the VA  budget by 78% as proof that he meant it and…matters somehow declined anyway. “…the problems at the VA were so obvious that they became a campaign issue in 2007-8. […]

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Inconsistency of Government leads to Tyranny

by Skip April 15, 2014

When we see the armed might of the US Government arrayed against a single American rancher and not against illegal alien “invaders, why is it that those in Government wonder why “the consent of the governed” is being withdrawn from them? We see multiple episodes of those wishing to cede from their own States to form […]

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Feminist Cognitive Dissonance

by Skip April 13, 2014

“Finally, as libertarians we might want to challenge some of our feminist friends with the following consideration: if patriarchy is real and men have disproportionate power over all of society’s major institutions, why should a feminist trust the government to be the solution to problems like the gender wage gap? Even without assuming patriarchy, given […]

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The Bigger the Government, the smaller the citizen

by Skip March 21, 2014

(H/T: Liberal Logic 101)

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Locally ‘Grown’ – When You Keep The Political Power Local It’s Easier To Remove The Weeds.

by Steve MacDonald March 16, 2014
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From Stephen Green: Green is remarking on how Japan’s “buy your way to prosperity binge” has failed miserably and what the real solution is… Deregulate. Simplify the tax code. Protect the value of your currency. Those three steps are all it takes to achieve prosperity, but as Glenn Reynolds like to say, politicians don’t like […]

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CPAC 2014 – “…our movement is being splintered by Big Government and Big Tent conservatism”

by Skip March 7, 2014

Words from Brent Bozell of the Media Research Center and he goes on to talk about that the Fiscal Conservatives, Foreign Policy Conservatives, and Traditional Values Conservatives have either been co-opted and redefined to be elsewise, or have given up.  These three legs are fracturing as the Big Government / Big Tent “conservatives”, as he […]

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The KRONIES! The evil intersection of Big Government, Big Politics, and the US Chamber of Commerce (aka Big Biz)

by Skip January 27, 2014

Sadly, this cartoon parody is true – Crony Capitalism is not capitalism at all, merely the collusion of politicians willing to “listen” to Big Biz’s / Special Interest Group’s lobbyists to influence legislation in rent-seeking “favors” that distorts the true marketplace and shift the advantages to themselves. Go over to for more and find […]

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Debt, Democrats and Detroit- A Losing Combination

by Scott Morales January 26, 2014
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Since we’re approaching the next push for raising the illusory Debt Limit, and the United States is currently over $17,000,000,000,000 in debt, I thought a post about a shining exemplar of Democrat management and debt might be illuminating.  Detroit, or Detroilet as it has come to be known since the Democrats placed their considerable seats […]

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World Health Organization wants Bigger Governments

by Don January 11, 2014

It should come as no surprise to anyone that politicians and bureaucrats want to increase their power and the amount of money they can control.  These are the true purposes of the World Health Organization’s ranking of nation’s healthcare systems. When people hear complaints about the US healthcare system based on the World Health Organization (WHO) rankings, they […]

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Happy New Year….. And Back To The Good Fight!

by Mike January 1, 2014

Happy New Year, readers, and what better illustration of why we fight to defeat all who believe big government is the answer. Join us in the battle to cut government down to size once more, where its function is “to preserve those rights”, and not much more: CHARGE!

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They have forgotten about “TANSTAAFL”

by Skip December 28, 2013

(H/T: Powerline)

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Income Inequality – but what about our personal choices, Mr. Obama?

by Skip December 26, 2013

President Obama has decided, along with most of the Democrats / Progressives / Socialist, that he must bring the Marxist philosophy of Class Warfare to play – but call it Income Inequality.  After all, who is against inequality of any type?  Who is not for the traditional notion of equality?  Well, those that are out […]

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72% Of Americans – Big Government is The Biggest Threat to The Country

by Steve MacDonald December 19, 2013
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Gallup is reporting that a record high 72% of Americans view big government over big business and big labor as the biggest threat to the future of the country, which aligns equally with the primary motivation behind that ‘extremist’ TEA Pary. So.  I’m curious how the Democrats will want to spin this? “We’re not for […]

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Quote of the Day- George Will on This President’s Amusing Discovery

by Scott Morales December 8, 2013
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Asked about his  take on President Obama’s quote regarding the hindenbergian Obama Care role out not being his management style but that outdated big agencies are, George Will said on Fox News Sunday the following with his classic style and wit. The education of this president is a protracted and often amusing process, as it […]

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Why Not Raise the Minimum Wage to $100/Hour?

by Steve MacDonald December 6, 2013
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If employers had to pay even the least competent of their weak links a Benjamin an Hour we could make everyone rich almost overnight.  So why don’t the “We must raise the minimum wage” chest-pounding, axe-grinding, we-care-about-the-poor-more-than-you-proponents of increasing this arbitrary price point on the value of labor insist on it?  Because they know, deep […]

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Unelected Bureaucrats Gone Wild

by Steve MacDonald November 30, 2013
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Big government begets big bureaucracies with budgets the bureaucracies want to see made bigger.  To that end these tin-pot dictators of their pencil-pushing fiefdoms exercise power to whatever extent they can, to the misery of everyone else.  It is what Jefferson meant in the Declaration when he wrote “He has erected a multitude of New […]

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Thanksgiving: Vision vs Reality

by Mike November 28, 2013

Happy thanksgiving anyway, and don’t let the government turkeys get you down!

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There Are Many Names for This Not The Least of Which is Tyranny

by Steve MacDonald November 19, 2013
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Democrats get all uppity whenever anyone shares a message that can be connected to anyone else with money.  If you happen to agree politically and that advances the interest of someone successful, or a particular segment of business or industry, you are their shill.  On the take.  In the pocket of some entity that is […]

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Guest Post by NH State Rep. Jane Cormier: “Dr. Marc Tucker – Mr. Smarty Pants”

by Skip November 4, 2013

On October 29, legislators and guests were invited to a Common Core rally, “Perspectives on Education Reform ” at the Legislative Office Building in Concord.  The keynote speaker was Dr. Marc Tucker, from the National Institute for Education and the Economy (Economy?).  Dr. Tucker has a colorful past and I have to say, he is […]

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Data Point: On Halloween night, these seems appropriate

by Skip October 31, 2013

From Rasmussen: 64% of Likely U.S. Voters now view the federal government unfavorably, with 34% who have a Very Unfavorable opinion of it. I am not surprised at all.  The only folks who seem to like it are those that either run it (Political Class), rent-seek from it (Crony Capitalism), or are dependent on it […]

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Skip’s Addendum: The Realities of DemocratCare…. or ‘They Don’t Call us “The Right!” For Nothing.’ Part VI

by Skip October 28, 2013

Steve brought us the plight of 3 month pregnant Jennifer Harris to us.  Seemingly, she had the TANSTAAFL moment when she got the bill from her brand new OppressiveCare policy (emphasis mine): Now [Jennifer] Harris, a self-employed lawyer, must shop for replacement insurance. The cheapest plan she has found will cost her $238 a month. […]

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