Big Government

Big Government Takes from You to Benefit Politicians

by Don May 21, 2016

The American Revolution wasn’t fought for plunder or conquest, but for the ideas that people can govern themselves and have inherent (by birth) rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  For these ideas wealthy, prominent Americans, prospering under British rule, pledged/risked their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor…and many endured hardships during the revolution […]

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“Why private investment works and government doesn’t”

by Skip April 27, 2016

(H/T: Cafe Hayek)

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Kelly Ayotte, you VOTED for this stupidity?

by Skip April 22, 2016

I’m really beginning to hate seeing this phrase: “with the help of the following XX Republicans“. It always means that we have Republicans voting against their base and against the platform – and happy about it.  It means that the vision we were given by the Founders, a limited Federal government, just went dark by […]

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Data Point – Americans pay more for Taxes than other expenditures

by Skip April 9, 2016

I really don’t want to hear that sad sack excuse of “but taxes are the price for a civilized society”.  No, it’s not because people can be civilized without government.  Government certainly has a role, a necessary role, but not to the point where the cost of it exceeds what the average America family pays […]

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Notable Quote – David Boaz

by Skip March 31, 2016

Of course, in the modern world of trillion-dollar governments handing out favors like Santa Claus, it becomes harder to distinguish between the producers and the transfer-seekers, the predators and the prey. The state tries to confuse us, like the three-card monte dealer, by taking our money as quietly as possible and then handing some of […]

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John Kasich: “I got into politics…to change the world”

by Skip March 30, 2016

From that screenshot, can you tell him apart from any run of the mill Democrat (much less Hillary or Bernie, who share those values)?  Go here to see which NH politicians share those values by their endorsements (like Judd Gregg and John E Sununu). He was quoted on WMUR on that line a couple of […]

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Always wanting a piece of OUR pie…

by Skip March 28, 2016

Ronald Reagan: Government’s view of the economy could be summed up in a few short phrases: If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it. Doesn’t matter if it moves – if it doesn’t have a Government Asset tag on it, they tax it.  And STILL […]

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Once again, a Democrat gets the Conservative stance wrong

by Skip March 18, 2016

“GOP Wants ‘To Emasculate Gov’t At Every Possible Turn” In a lot of cases, yes, the Federal Government should be emasculated – it is too large, too powerful, too intrusive.  The problem is, however, is that it sticks itself into areas into which it has no Constitutional authorization to do.  For instance, where in the […]

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“Liberals lack of a limiting principle…”

by Skip March 14, 2016

After 10 years of political blogging, I can tell you that there is NEVER enough government from the Progressive mind.  After all, the underlying philosophy of Progressivism / Socialism is that We the People are too dumb, too stupid, too uncaring, too selfish, and unable to shuck that basic human principle of self-interest to EVER […]

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Jonah Goldberg on Socialism: Progressives are the car salesmen of the State

by Skip February 14, 2016

Except one: More government.  Progressives are the car salesmen of the State, and there’s always more undercoating to sell.  More government is the one indispensible conviction of modern progressivism. Everything else is up for negotiation. And he is right on the money; as he points out, Democrats/Progressives/Socialists CAN’T tell the truth (reformatted, emphasis mine): 7. […]

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Battling Big-Government Republicans

by Steve MacDonald January 28, 2016
Thumbnail image for Battling Big-Government Republicans

Da Tech Guy Pete Ingemi joins us to discuss Republican Primary candidates and the conservative battle against big government (Republicans) before the TEA Party. You can find this and past programs on any of these platforms – and please share!

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Notable Quote – Kerry Jackson

by Skip January 24, 2016

The REAL greedy ones are not the capitalists but the politicians: Like most on his side of the political spectrum, Sanders doesn’t know how to use the word. Greed is not a company or a person working hard to make more money, and then working just as hard to keep what they have earned, what […]

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Data Point – Majority believe that Big Govt is biggest threat to the United States

by Skip December 27, 2015

Can’t say I blame them: (H/T: Townhall, more narrative at the link)

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A reflection of Gov. Sununu? Or on his judgment?

by Skip November 2, 2015

After all, this: I have no feeling for the electorate anymore. It is not responding the way it used to. Their priorities are so different that if I tried to analyze it I’d be making it up. And John E Sununu is out in the hustings hustling for John Kasich; it is clear that the Sununus […]

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Bringing the Retribution: see what happens when you opt out of Michelle’s school lunch program?

by Skip October 20, 2015

It’s Hunger Games from DC.  After all, don’t they know what is BEST for us all – even if the lunch programs are losing money, food is just thrown away, and kids opt out by brown bagging it, scampering out to the closes fast food joint, or go into a homegrown “food black market”.  We’ve […]

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“Tax me! Tax the **** out of me!”

by Skip September 30, 2015

Dave Matthews would be happy with being called a socialist and would be most happy if Bernie Sanders was elected President and folks like him would be forced to pay more in taxes. “Someone could call me a liberal, and I’d say, ‘Thank you.’ Someone could call me a socialist, and I’d say, “I wish […]

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Love Gov

by Steve MacDonald September 26, 2015
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Via AoSHQ: Love Gov is a very well-produced, five-part Youtube comedy series that uses a Fatal Attraction-type boyfriend as a metaphor for big government. It makes big issues understandable for those who might not spend much time thinking about government, and it’s funny for political junkies. Watch all of them.  

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Smart guy

by Susan Olsen June 15, 2015

“A tyranny based on … deception and maintained by terror must inevitably perish from the poison it generates within itself.” – Albert Einstein

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It is futile to resist…

by Susan Olsen June 13, 2015

‘American freedom is being gutted. Whether we are trying to run a business, practice a vocation, raise our families, cooperate with our neighbors, or follow our religious beliefs, we run afoul of the government—not because we are doing anything wrong but because the government has decided it knows better. When we object, that government can […]

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Ben & Jerry – You Might Be an Inheritence ‘Flight Risk’

by Steve MacDonald April 27, 2015
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Being on the email list is the gift that keeps on giving. Email Title: “Sign the petition: Tell Congress to keep the estate tax.” It’s Ben and Jerry—the co-founders of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream—and we need your help. We want to pay our fair share of taxes, but Republicans in Congress are trying […]

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Hitler Reacts To Denied #GayWeddingCake

by Don April 8, 2015


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Jack Flanagan anecdote – Part 1

by Skip January 8, 2015

Remember, it was the erstwhile NH House “Majority” Leader Jack Flanagan who invited us to this game.   This was just sent in speaking to I was on a committee where Flanagan was for a while. He is very “moderate,” i.e. squishy. He admits that his district doesn’t like conservative Republicans (I don’t buy it, but […]

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Victors Want to Compromise? Fine. Do It The Right Way

by Scott Morales November 8, 2014
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I’ve been hearing a lot of noise regarding “working across the aisle” and the like from Tuesday’s victors and others in the new majority, like Ayotte, and it’s got me thinking. You want to work across the aisle, fine. Compromise can be good. Here are two distilled examples of compromise, acceptable and unacceptable. Here’s the […]

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“but whether it works” – Part “TV Trucks in Kabul” – Obama Federal Govt “working”?

by Skip October 25, 2014

“The question we ask today is not whether our government is too big or too small, but whether it works — whether it helps families find jobs at a decent wage, care they can afford, a retirement that is dignified.”            – President Barack Obama, Inauguration, 1/20/09 Works means it accomplished something worthwhile with little waste and […]

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Socialist Freedom Party – Only YOU ALL should pay that hourly rate (we pay less)

by Skip October 17, 2014

Seattle just raised its minimum wage to $15 / hour and that also include small biz – the Mom & Pop type operations – as well as the big ones.  One of the biggest yellers at the time was the Socialist Freedom Party that was jumping up and down demanding others pay more for goods […]

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Campaign Finance limitations – dumb idea; $$ for messaging still doesn’t translate to votes

by Skip October 15, 2014

There’s Larry Lessig’s PAC, the MayDay PAC, that is raising and spending millions of dollars this election cycle – to stop others from spending so much money.  So, too, is George Soro’s son.  The Left is as well.  Sorry, their stated of “taking the money out”, I believe, masks the real reason – stopping free […]

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Americans believe their #1 problem is Big Government and Politicians

by Skip August 19, 2014

Gallup: When you look at the most important non-economic issues identified by Americans….  …ask yourself – who or what controls those first 4 items?  Yes, that would be politicians and Government.  Dissatisfaction comes from when expectations are not met or basic functions are not performed well.  Yet, we keep hearing from the Left that Government […]

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Notable Quote – George Will

by Skip August 18, 2014

…Progressives say corporations using inversions are unpatriotic, which is amusing. When the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision stipulated that Americans do not forfeit their First Amendment right to political advocacy when they act together through corporations (including, and especially, incorporated nonprofit advocacy groups), progressives ridiculed the idea that corporations should be treated as people. Now, progressives charge that corporations resorting […]

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Is Modern Immigration Policy the Death Knell For Small Government?

by Steve MacDonald July 31, 2014
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One of our upcoming guests this week is Ann Cocoran from the Refugee Resettlement Watch blog.  There are a number of excellent resources at the site, including the EAGLE Forum report on how mass legal immigration is certain doom for a Conservative Republican party.  (Phyllis Schlafly founded Eagle Forum, by the way.) Certain doom?  Yes, […]

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Big Government Serves Washington Insiders, Not You and Me

by Don June 25, 2014

President Obama gets the blame for the failures and deaths at the VA  because President Obama is the head of the Executive Branch of our Federal Government.  (Bush got the blame before, Obama gets it now.) The Executive branch is the only branch with the Constitutional authority to execute our laws, i.e., to manage our […]

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