Big Brother

Daniel Hannan – A lesson in Newspeak

by Susan Olsen January 6, 2015

“DIVERSITY: People who look different but think the same way. Diversity applies to race, sex, disability, and sexual orientation. It emphatically does not apply to opinion. Indeed, when it comes to political views, it has taken on more or less the opposite of its Oldspeak meaning.”  

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Big Brother Shurtleff Wants To Watch You

by Rick Olson January 4, 2014

“Big Brother is watching you.”  —George Orwell In January 2013 Rep. Stephen Shurtleff sponsored HB675 “Authorizing and regulating the use of license plate scanning devices.” on 11/25/13 the majority of the Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee voted, “Ought to Pass with Amendment #2013-2343h.” On Friday, January 3, Representative Mark Warden wrote in the Union […]

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Notable Quotes – HL Mencken

by Susan Olsen July 24, 2013

“It [the State] has taken on a vast mass of new duties and responsibilities; it has spread out its powers until they penetrate to every act of the citizen, however secret; it has begun to throw around its operations the high dignity and impeccability of a State religion; its agents become a separate and superior […]

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Look Who Called Looking for Me…

by Steve MacDonald April 12, 2013

  Not as menacing as it looks…I believe this is the Big Brother Big Sister Foundation of Greater Boston.  But I thought it was funny how it came up on ID so I figured I’d share it. (Click to enhance)

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So How is The NH Democrats ‘New Civility’ Working Out?

by Steve MacDonald March 20, 2013

So how is the New Hampshire  Democrats ‘New Civility’ Working Out?  Just ask Democrat Peter Sullivan… So the Democrat governor’s lackeys are writing down the names of reps who oppose her agenda.  Was that supposed to be part of that whole “New Civility” thing you lefties said you’d pile up on your donkeys and bring […]

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Coming Soon To A Tea Party Rally Near You

by Steve MacDonald February 5, 2013

I bet the Obama Police State wants to get them some of these…(and I’m not saying they don’t already have some). The Scandinavian-designed Black Hornet Nano weighs as little as 16 grams (roughly half an ounce) — the same as a finch. The 4-inch (10-centimeter) -long helicopter is fitted with a tiny camera which relays […]

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The Pay Per Mile Tax Plan…. What can go wrong?

by Scott Morales January 18, 2013

When the planners downshift into planning mode, they know all; they know best, and you best just do as you’re told and remain quiet. We’ll get there when we get there, just fasten your seat belt and don’t ask questions. Of course, most of the time things don’t go as “planned” and a thing known […]

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The WikiWellian Memory Hole – How Inconvenient Truths are Flushed

by Mike May 7, 2012

H/T Godfather Politics for this article, after an alert reader noticed that the Wiki Piece linking the New Obama campaign slogan “FORWARD” with a history of Socialism was suddenly marked for deletion! Apparently, The One is very sensitive about people getting the wrong idea concerning his shiny new slogan, and having its sordid history exposed. […]

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A NH Boot to Big Brother’s Neck – HB 445-FN

by Steve MacDonald January 3, 2012

If you watch television you’ve probably seen your share of cop or crime shows.  There are two things that always stand out to me.  First, almost everyone talks to the cops without a lawyer. (Dumb.)  Second, the police are always using a suspect’s cell phone or car GPS to track them down. The real America […]

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by Rick Olson October 17, 2011

“Imagine a political system so radical as to promise to move more of the poorest 20% of the population into the richest 20% than remain in the poorest bracket within the decade? You don’t need to imagine it. It’s called the United States of America.”  —Thomas Sowell The collective voice of “Occupy Wall Street” has […]

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by Rick Olson October 11, 2011

We now live at a time when government seems to be taking its liberties by parsing our constitutional protections where the overarching concept of the Fourth Amendment to the constitution. Despite the numerous legal challenges mounted in ECPA cases, the government fights hard to keep this ability. For that, I am lost on how our constitution continues to restrain what seems to be a slow and steady march toward arbitrary and oppressive governance.

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