Betsy McCaughey

“Medicare for All” – Soviet style healthcare

by Op-Ed September 13, 2018

“…Dems are forgetting to tell you that private insurance will be banned under their scheme”  by Betsy McCaughey President Barack Obama made a stunning policy shift Friday, endorsing Medicare for All — a single-payer health system for the nation. Most Democrats contending for the 2020 presidential nomination and many Dems vying for congressional seats this fall […]

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Guest post by Betsy McCaughey: Obama is looting the Treasury

by Skip February 22, 2016

Obama is looting the Treasury to pay off insurers The Obama administration will tell any lie and break any law to prevent the president’s signature health-care program from collapsing.  Insurance companies such as UnitedHealthcare and Aetna are losing billions trying to sell ObamaCare plans, and the risk is they’ll drop out at the end of […]

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Guest Post by Betsy McCaughey: Derelicts Now Demanding To Live on the Streets As Matter of Right

by Skip August 20, 2015

Dr. Betsy is a dear friend of the ‘Grok and we always enjoy meeting up with her at events and having her on GrokTALK!. She has an Op-Ed in the New York Sun: America’s homeless are lawyering up to fight for a “right” to live on the street — your neighborhood and personal safety be […]

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Betsy McCaughey: Hillary is no glass-ceiling shattering pioneer

by Skip March 25, 2015

Betsy McCaughey was on our show recently and mentioned that she had this column coming on Hillary Clinton and give us permission to host it here: HILLARY CLINTON’S expected presidential run is being hailed as a chance to shatter the glass ceiling. That’s nonsense. Hillary rose to power solely on her husband’s sleazy coattails. She’s […]

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Dr. Betsy McCaughey nails Supreme Court Justice Kagan

by Skip March 30, 2014

Bravo (or do I have to be PC / Spanish correct and go Brava?)!  ‘Grok friend Betsy McCaughey is one of our favorites – former Lt. Gov. of New York, Constitutional Scholar, and one of the nation’s premier experts on Obamacare.  She goes all around the country on speaking engagements, is on the radio, a […]

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GrokTALK! June 8th, 2013 Guest Segment – Di Lothrop

by Steve MacDonald June 9, 2013

Di Lothrop from the Nashua Republican City Committee joins us to talk about the NRCC event coming up on Friday June 14th (evening) with guest speaker Dr. Betsy McCaughey. We also talk about the contradictions of ObamaCare, and more with Skip, Steve, Mike, and Ashley Pratte joins us as well. Listen Here Download this segment […]

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