Maybe she’s just mellowed…

by Susan Olsen June 2, 2013

Via The Looking Spoon:

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What difference, at this point, does it make?

by Scott Morales January 27, 2013

“What difference, at this point, does it make?”, was shouted this past week from the naturally delightful, demure, and unquestionably feminine Secretary of State Hillary Clinton during a congressional hearing in response to a question of whether or not the administration’s immediate response to the 9/11/2012 Benghazi killings was misleading by saying the attack was […]

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Benghazi – All about “the video”? Or is this all about covering up Obama’s “Mission Accomplished” moment?

by Skip November 1, 2012

…which ended up not supporting 4 Americans that ended up being murdered? And not only by our government, but by the so called Press that are supposed to, in their own words, “afflict the comfortable”?  The info-nuggets are starting to spill out – it wasn’t about the video.  The Big Problem, is the absolute craven […]

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Benghazi-Gate now starting to make it into the campaign landscape?

by Skip October 31, 2012

Again, a recap: Ambassador Chris Stevens, IT specialist Sean Smith, and two former Navy SEALs (who lived and died by their oath to this country and each other) were murdered by Islamic Jihadis in Benghazi, Libya.  The requests for enhanced security rejected, the consulate was attacked on 9/11, 2012 and now the White House, Dept. […]

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Now THIS is a true meaning of “Honor”

by Skip October 29, 2012

When your well being plays no role.  At all.  No Benghazi-Gate here.  (H/T: RedState) Update from Ace of Spades HQ comment:  “Think of this the next time we see a photo of Obama with his feet on the desk in the Oval office.”

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The “Let me be clear” President is Anything But

by Scott Morales October 28, 2012

Let me be clear. The nation’s understanding of Benghazi-gate remains fuzzy at best.  We’re still experiencing this administration’s version of Chinese water torture as it slowly drips out information, one contradictory drop at at time.  We’re more than six weeks on, and all we have are more questions. For a president who constantly says, “Let […]

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Benghazi-gate reveals the Clintons we all remember…

by Scott Morales October 26, 2012

With their defense team assembled, the Clinton offensive begins. Of course this was prefigured by several Clinton observers (including fellow Groker Steve) because taking a political fall, whether they’re actually responsible for it or not, is anathema to their biology.  That’s like asking Michael Moore to leave some Doritos in the bag. Or like asking […]

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Follow The Bouncing Benghazi Narrative

by Steve MacDonald October 21, 2012

c/o Breitbart TV, here is Brett Baier’s expose’ on the evolving White House Narrative on the Benghazi Attack Breitbart News Brett Baier Reports – Benghazi [jwplayer mediaid=”37253″]

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