Benefits of an armed citizednry

Even as Democrats want to disarm us, Interpol is thinking citizens should have more!

by Skip October 22, 2013

For years, Democrats have tried and tried and tried to disarm the US Citizenry, arguing that we are “not to worry – leave your protection to the Police” even as Grokster Steve points out, Government is under no compunction or legal responsibility to protect ANY particular person. None, nada, nein, no – so even when […]

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Do Not Give Up Your Guns – Do Not Extinguish The Last Light In The World

by Mike February 9, 2013

That admonition comes, not from a right-wing extremist, but from Stanislav Mishin a Russian blogger who also writes for Pravda! He tells us the story of the heavily armed citizenry under the Tsar, and how enemies, both foreign and domestic, were easily repelled, or murderously driven out by the peasants, who jealously guarded their lands […]

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