Ben Shapiro

Great questions that Pro-Lifers can ask Pro-Aborts – and don’t let them off the hook:

by Skip March 31, 2016

The first comes from RedState: If human life doesn’t begin at conception, can you please explain how human life is possible absent conception? The second comes courtesy of Ben Shapiro while speaking at a college campus and being challenged by pro-abortionists: (H/T: Daily Wire)

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David Pecker, Head Of National Enquirer, Dances To Trump’s Tune

by Mike March 27, 2016

Publishes Slime Piece On Cruz – Are they desparate? The short-fingered vulgarian’s close friend, David Pecker – head of National Enquirer, has previously declared “Trump MUST be President”, and appears willing to go to any, ahem, length, to make it so. The Enquirer claims that Ted has FIVE Mistresses, and hints at their identities, while […]

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Ben Shapiro – ‘Obama’s Orwellian (Inauguration) Speech’

by Steve MacDonald January 22, 2013

Breitbart TV

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Ben Shapiro Puts Piers Morgan on The Defensive – Morgan Clueless

by Steve MacDonald January 11, 2013

I think we’ve had more than enough coverage on second amendment issues at GraniteGrok of late so I’ve been trying to talk about other things, but I could not let this pass me by. Ben Shapiro was on with Piers Morgan and Alex Jones he was not.  Shapiro shows us how to properly engage this […]

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Obama Woz Here – Our President Inserted into History!

by Mike May 25, 2012

From Breitbart’s Ben Shapiro– You can’t make this stuff up – Obama has a very good imagination already! The White House website has always featured biographies of past presidents…….. Now, however, President Obama has decided that those other presidential biographies weren’t complete without a sentence about him. Seriously. As it turns out, all past presidents […]

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