Ben Franklin

Cloudy, With A Chance Of Surveillance!

by Mike August 1, 2013

Here, satirical artist WilliamBanzai7 makes a mockery of the public’s current love affair with Cloud storage, especially the kind where the cloud provider has your credentials! Ben Franklin said: “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” With yet more news recently of the government […]

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Disqus Doodlings: Ol’ Spudhead vs Big Ben (And Rand Paul)

by Mike June 10, 2013 quoted Senator John McCain as saying that the Boston Bombing proves that Rand Paul was wrong, and we need all the protection of the Patriot Act and the surveillance state to keep us safe. Many readers disagreed with his premise, some vociferously, and I added my own mini-rant, in which I posited: We need […]

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Cartoon Of The Day – Fleecing The Taxpayers

by Mike March 25, 2013
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They Can’t Criminalize Us After The Fact – Ex Post Facto Legislation Prohibited

by Mike December 30, 2012

Remember those powerful clauses in the Bill of Rights with words like “Congress shall make no law….”, “Congress shall not infringe…”? Well there are other equally powerful clauses right up front in Article I which deserve our attention as DiFi, Mario Junior (Andrew Cuomo), and BarryO talk about criminalizing guns that we have already obtained […]

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