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Michael Barone – On Faith and Global Warming

by Steve MacDonald September 26, 2013
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Michael Barone has a piece in the Washington Examiner whose thrust is to address the UN panels historic downgrading of past apocalyptic rhetoric regarding mans so-called impact on global climate.  We’ve apparently been given a 17 year waiver from the universe, something the ‘war’mists call a pause, a pause that conservatives note better explains the […]

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The Left’s War on Education

by Steve MacDonald January 12, 2013

The left’s objection to even one tax dollar finding its way into the hands of a church is legion.  It is (apparently) a matter of even greater concern that we might engage in tax policy that accidentally encourages others–by allowing them to keep more of their own money–to give some of it to a religious […]

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NH School Tax Credit Challenged

by Steve MacDonald January 9, 2013

I don’t have time to fisk the particulars yet but the ACLU and Barry Lynn of American’s United for the Separation of Church and State have filed a suit declaring the recently passed new Hampshire School Scholarship tax credit unconstitutional because it would (could) divert tax dollars to be spent at Religious schools. Actually. .. […]

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The True Meaning Of Christmas

by Steve MacDonald December 23, 2010

Starting in 2011, public sector workers will no longer get days off related to any religious holiday, nor will they receive any compensation for these days unless they actually work. If as the liberals and secularists suggest, that we can’t have any God in government, then no one in government should get a paid day off as a result.

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