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Attention Catholics: Before you Donate, CCHD Is A Front for Radical Left Wing Activism

by Granite Grok November 17, 2017

By Jim Kofalt If you attend a Catholic Mass this weekend, you might be asked to contribute to something called the “Catholic Campaign for Human Development” (CCHD). The annual collection for CCHD takes place the weekend before Thanksgiving, and it is ostensibly aimed at alleviating poverty. What many Catholics don’t know – and what the […]

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Obama Hid 470,000 Documents From Bin Laden Raid To Ensure His Reelection

by Steve MacDonald November 4, 2017

This doesn’t surprise me. In a powerful and comprehensive piece in The Weekly Standard, editor Stephen Hayes delineates in detail how the Obama Administration hid almost half a million documents seized from the raid on Osama bin Laden’s compound in order to perpetuate the lie that Al Qaeda was defeated after bin Laden’s death, thus paving […]

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IPCC Admits Paris Agreement Isn’t Going to Do What they Said

by Steve MacDonald November 3, 2017

The Paris Climate Agreement is a paper tiger everyone raced to embrace, not because it would do something but because it could be sold as appearing to do something; with ample sides of fawning press coverage, photo ops, and the domestic burnishing of the “slightly” tarnished legacy of a man-child president. But all that hype and […]

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Is Jeanne Shaheen Grateful Bowe Bergdahl has Pleaded Guilty?

by Steve MacDonald October 16, 2017

Back in June 2014, New Hampshire Senator Jeanne Shaheen took her Obama-Party talking points to the press and announced that she was grateful for Bowe Bergdahl’s courage while we (and many others) were reporting that he was a deserter and a traitor. Two years later, in August of 2016, she didn’t have anything to say about his […]

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Obama May Purchase Sea-Level Property on Martha’s Vineyard

by Steve MacDonald September 11, 2017

On August 30th, reported speculation that the Obamas, former President, and the Mrs., are interested in two parcels along Red Gate Road in Martha’s Vineyard. Both are water-front abutting the sea and or Squibnocket pond, which will become part of the Atlantic should more than a decade of scaremongering from the Climatologist in chief come to […]

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Trump’s Unsung Deregulatory Achievments,
And Democrats’ Efforts To Stike Them Down

by Mike May 22, 2017

Trump uses Newt’s creation to cut regulations: Booker seeks to restore Obama’s red tape! The MSM doesn’t like to spread the news about Trump’s quiet successes deregulating a wide swath of last-minute Obama regulations, which were handed down by executive agencies in a hurry once Barry realized that his legacy was not going to win […]

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The Unmasking – Who’s Inside The Russian Doll?

by Mike April 7, 2017

As we learn day by day, that Obama, his staff, and appointees, are up to their necks in the surveillance and unmasking of Trump’s team, we find another gem from Ben Garrison:

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How France Will be Won – 2 Visions of the Future

by Mike February 24, 2017

Sure, there are other candidates, but here are two extremes in the French presidential election: A strong confident woman with a vision, versus a fuzzy socialist citizen of the world! Oui, elle peut: Yes, SHE can!

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The Perfidious Obama Administration, The UN, And Israel

by Mike December 29, 2016

It is time to throw out the UN, along with the Obama Administration! Skip noted: Barack Obama refused to veto a Security Council resolution condemning settlement construction in the West Bank and east Jerusalem. This resolution effectively turns over the Old City to Palestinian groups. The Palestinians are led by Hamas terrorists in Gaza and […]

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Obama Orders the IRS to Harass Healthy Young People

by Steve MacDonald September 22, 2016
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If you opted to pay the tax to the IRS instead of exchanging your hard earned dollars for crappy ObamaCare, well, the President is not pleased with you. He has asked the IRS to use your private tax information to hunt you down and politely ask you to get in line. (Forbes) “…at President Obama’s […]

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Obama Was Against Hillary Before He Was For Her

by Mike July 26, 2016

First, Trump put out this side-by side mashup of Obama 2008 vs Hillary 2012-2016: Crooked Hillary is a corrupt, lying and unethical person that time and time again, places America in grave danger! #MakeAmericaGreatAgain A video posted by Donald J. Trump (@realdonaldtrump) on Jul 26, 2016 at 1:01pm PDT

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Manchester Police Chief: White House Seems to Feed the Narrative

by Steve MacDonald July 12, 2016
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The police chief of New Hampshire’s biggest city, Chief Nick Willard, had some words for the Media and the White House on the rise in anti-law enforcement rhetoric that is leading to violence. (NPR)  “I often push back against the media and politicians portraying LE (law enforcement) as killers of young black men, as if we […]

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Is Endorsement From Least Qualified Person to be President So Far Worth Much of Anything?

by Steve MacDonald July 8, 2016
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The most unqualified person to be president (so far) says that a woman who is a pathological liar, can’t be trusted with national security, mother of failed foreign states, alleged to be selling access to our government in exchange for cash, who is married to a guy who cheats on her at every opportunity, both of […]

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This Choice But Not School Choice?

by Steve MacDonald May 13, 2016
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The big news this week just became a letter from Barack Obama’s America to every public school across the fruited plain. He says your local schools must let boys use the girls bathroom whenever they feel like it. So, no to voucher programs for the daughters of poor families that want to get them out of failing […]

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Blood for Oil

by Steve MacDonald March 14, 2016
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The next time a left-winger goes BDS on you over Iraq feed them a reality sandwich. (That’s Bush Derangement Syndrome not the anti-Israel Boycott Divestment and Sanctions.) The reason for the military action, Obama then claimed, was the danger of a humanitarian catastrophe caused by Qaddafi’s forces attacking civilians. The real reason was that France’s access to Libyan sweet […]

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Prince Of Light And Hope – Obama Approved!

by Mike January 20, 2016

Kasich: “I consider myself the Prince of light and hope!” Obama: “Hey! That’s my agenda you’ve got there!” Kasich policy meme by @He_Has_Failed, quote from National Review, H/T for “Kasich-mentum” scary tip. Hope and Change?? RUN! Run far away from Kasich, (Search our archives, too)

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IG – FOIA Violations by Hillary Clinton and Obama State Department

by Steve MacDonald January 8, 2016
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Judicial Watch | Statement on IG Report Confirming FOIA Violations… The Clinton email scandal is worsening. Today’s State OIG report confirms what we’ve been saying all along – that Hillary Clinton and the Obama State Department thwarted specific Judicial Watch FOIA requests by lying about her email system with “inaccurate” and “incomplete” responses. The State Department […]

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Obama: Global Warming Causes Dangerous Ideologies…

by Steve MacDonald December 5, 2015
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It did create the climate cult and that does threaten our energy security, but I don’t think that’s what he meant. President Barack Obama doubled-down on arguments that global warming is the greatest national security threat facing America, arguing global warming causes the rise of “dangerous” ideologies. History will not be kind to this moron. More BS […]

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The Twit Attacks..

by Mike November 25, 2015

By Ramirez – no further comment required:

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Let US Insult the Pope!

by Steve MacDonald September 21, 2015
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When you’ve got “home field” advantage… Mona Charen It’s vintage Obama. Even when hosting the most ideologically sympathetic pontiff in his lifetime (climate change, Cuba), Mr. Obama cannot restrain himself. He cannot be civil and respectful, searching for common ground. . . .

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Mark Steyn, The Pope, And Barack Obama Walk In To a Climate Change Discussion…

by Steve MacDonald September 1, 2015
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Buy Mark Steyn’s new book – it was officially released today!  And Look what else happened c/o SteynOnline Today has been proclaimed by His Holiness the Pope as the first International Day of Prayer for Climate Change. Getting into the spirit, the President of the United States took a 9,000-mile round-trip by private wide-bodied jet to give […]

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“The Tao of Poo”

by Susan Olsen July 12, 2015

Too good not to print in it’s entirety. Via Ace. “Every day, many of us look around and frankly wonder what’s going on in this country of ours. It’s obvious that President Obama has been a disaster for the country, but there is endless speculation as to the nature of the disaster, whether it’s incidental […]

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Data Point – Reagan did more for the Middle Class than Obama has: jobs

by Skip April 30, 2015

“Trickle Down Economics versus Trickle Down Socialism …Ronald Reagan’s economic plan saw GDP surge at a 3.5% clip – 4.9% after the recession. That’s a 32% bump. …The US economy has grown an anemic 9.6% during the Obama years (excluding today’s dismal number).” In comparison to Reagan, Obama has shown to be a far worse manager of the US economy.  […]

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Open letter – Ali Khamenei’s Nephew to Barak Obama

by Steve MacDonald April 21, 2015
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From Dear Mr. President I am presenting this open letter as one of the serious opponents of the Islamic republic of Iran on behalf of the like-minded opposition groups and myself. Because of my knowledge of this regime, especially of Ali Khamenei who is my uncle (my mother’s brother), I see it as my […]

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King Chamberlain’s Bad Deal

by Mike March 30, 2015

Prompted by a commentor’s overly optimistic assessment of Obama’s Iran nuke deal, where Bruce claimed that the interim agreement had severely dented Iran’s enrichment capability, I was moved to write and illustrate: Iran – So bad that Neville Chamberlain looks like a tough negotiator; so bad that the French surrender monkeys are saying “don’t surrender”; […]

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Is Rudy Right? And Why is the Left Freaking Out Over It?

by Scott Morales February 22, 2015
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When you go around criticizing Sam incessantly, apologizing for Sam over and over again, publicly hound Sam on his past failings it should come as no surprise that the people who see this behavior would conclude: “This guy is really not a fan of Sam.” And that’s precisely what Rudy Guiliani did this past week. […]

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Obama’s New “New” Civility?

by Steve MacDonald February 19, 2015
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He who speak from both sides of his mouth… Efforts to counter violent extremism will only succeed if citizens can address legitimate grievances through the democratic process and express themselves through strong civil societies. – Brrrockobama Meanwhile, back in America, political opponents who are branded as extremist are intimidated out of the process, whenever possible, […]

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You Decide What it Means

by Steve MacDonald January 24, 2015


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Why Didn’t Obama Go To Paris?

by Steve MacDonald January 12, 2015
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The excuses will make no sense, the media protection will be mindless.  There was no good reason for Obama to not go to Paris to stand with the world in opposition to Islamofascist terror or in defence of free speech. (Roger Simon) A liberal friend emailed me that it was admittedly a ‘political mistake.’ ‘Political,’ […]

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U.S. debt has now surpassed $18 trillion.

by Steve MacDonald December 3, 2014
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Congratulations to Barack Obama and Jeanne Shaheen.  That unsustainable debt they once ran for office against just a few years back has risen 70%.  US Debt has now surpasses $18 Trillion. Under President Barack Obama, America’s debt has skyrocketed 70%. On the day Obama took office, January 21, 2009, Zero Hedge reports U.S. debt stood […]

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