How Long Before Cutlery Stores Are Treated Like Gun Shops?

England took away the guns, so the criminals turned to other tools. Knives have become quite popular among London’s criminals. Their use has made the city a murder capital to rival New York City. In response, the mayor banned knives in public. Its citizens may be required to pass through public metal detectors or could …

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Boulder, Colorado Bans “Assault Weapons”

The Washington Times reports that the very liberal Boulder, Colorado City Council just passed an assault weapons ban within the city limits. DENVER — The Boulder City Council voted Tuesday to ban “assault weapons” in the aftermath of the Parkland mass shooting, despite vows from gun-rights advocates to challenge the ordinance in court. The council agreed unanimously …

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Sister Mary LaHood – No Talking in Cars

(Originally posted Oct 11th, 2010 – Seem relevant to re-post this given that NH HB 1117 went to executive session yesterday.) Bloomberg reports that Transportation nanny Ray ‘Sister Mary’ LaHood believes that all cell phone use in motor-vehicles, including hands free, are distracting.  Well, no kidding Mr. Einstein.   Prior to the invention of the cell …

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