Atlas Shrugged

From Whittaker Chambers’ Review of Atlas Shrugged

by Steve MacDonald April 17, 2015
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An excerpt from Whittaker Chambers 1957 review of  Atlas Shrugged.  Ouch. Atlas Shrugged can be called a novel only by devaluing the term. It is a massive tract for the times. Its story merely serves Miss Rand to get the customers inside the tent, and as a soapbox for delivering her Message. The Message is […]

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Atlas is Shrugging – a clear example of Proggressives carrying out the Equalization of Opportunity law

by Skip February 19, 2015

TMEW and I just finished re-watching Atlas Shrugged (Part 1) as we are going to march through them all (far less time than rereading the sometime heavy and boring tome of the same name).  It ended on the note where one of the power hungry and greedy socialists, Wesley Mouch,  had just proclaimed the Equalization of […]

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Britain – the Productive are already “going Galt”

by Skip November 30, 2012

From TaxProf Blog: The Guardian: Two-Thirds of Millionaires Left Britain to Avoid 50% Tax Rate:  In the 2009-10 tax year, more than 16,000 people declared an annual income of more than £1 million to HM Revenue and Customs. This number fell to just 6,000 after Gordon Brown introduced the new 50p top rate of income […]

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“We are going to cure cancer…”

by Tim Condon September 26, 2012

One of the great things about my chosen home of New Hampshire—like a majority of people in the state, it’s not where I grew up—is the extraordinary number of friends and people I get to visit and talk to (thank you RLCNH and and NH GOP). One such conversation recently was a true eye-opener. […]

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Atlas Shrugged – The Movie?

by Steve MacDonald February 13, 2011

Someone said this was one of the most anticipated movies…..I….no, I was not anticipating it. In fact I didn’t know they were making it. And having watched the trailer, the first two words to come to my mind were ‘Red Box.’

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