Public Educators Caught in Massive Cheating Conspiracy

by Steve MacDonald April 3, 2013

Public Educators in Atlanta have been caught in a massive cheating conspiracy designed to hide poor reading and math skills.  “The four principle crimes that are charged in the indictment are the statements and writings, false swearings, theft by taking, and influencing witnesses,” Fulton County District Attorney Paul L. Howard, Jr. said. Racketeering charges are also […]

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Biden, “If it only saves one life.” Except, don’t do what works ….

by Don February 1, 2013

  Newsflash Atlanta….  Yesterday a youth intent on shooting fellow students at Atlanta’s Price Middle School was stopped by the school’s “Gun Free Zone” sign.  Well, not really, that is just the fantasy that liberals want people to believe. Actually after wounding multiple people, the shooter was stopped, not by the “Gun Free Zone” sign, but […]

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