Pennsylvania Trump-Hater Kills his Neighbor

by Steve MacDonald August 9, 2017

The accused’s lawyer says his client was attacked by a knife wielding assailant, but the first shell casing was on the accused’s property, the second on the victim’s property, near the victim’s body. WEST GOSHEN, Pa. (WPVI) –A man is under arrest, accused of killing his next door neighbor in West Goshen, Chester County. Police have […]

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The Anti-Trump Left’s New Movement (Indivisible) Has Ties to Soros Money

by Steve MacDonald May 22, 2017

While surfing content for the New Media Militia, I came across an article at SeacostOnline about a meeting for a group called Indivisible. Their mission is to oppose Donald Trump’s agenda and to agitate and organize for the purpose. My first thought was, Democrats, can’t do anything without a union or some other progressive billionaire funding […]

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DOCUMENTARY: Mental Illness of Social Justice Warriors

by Kimberly Morin November 18, 2016

No introduction necessary. This accurately describes the ‘Social Justice Warriors’ protesting on college campuses and across the country right now. Leftism truly is a mental disorder. It’s sad Obamacare isn’t helping them.

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Weld It Shut, Bill!

by Mike October 5, 2016

Noteworthy un-conservative erstwhile Republican and temporary Libertarian, Bill Weld, is shape-shifting again, in an attempt to remain in the news this election season. According to The Boston Globe, Weld has dedicated himself to stopping Trump for the balance of the 2016 election season. All about himself: The Libertarian vice presidential candidate, William F. Weld, said […]

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Multicultural Consequences Emerge at Anti-Trump Protest

by Scott Morales June 3, 2016

Ways to win over people to your side: Ignite the American flag Wave the Mexican flag Brawl with the opposition Throw eggs and bottles at women All of the above Looks like a bunch of lefty anti-trump filth went with “5. All of the above”. Here’s an example of a woman trying to attend a […]

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