Anti-free speech

Cops Lie

by Rick Olson May 8, 2014

Criticism of government finds sanctuary in several portions of the 1st Amendment. It is part of the right of free speech. It embraces freedom of the press.

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Tyranny #1 – Where Steve Vaillancourt decides to make it about himself…and approves of overt threats of Tyranny

by Skip February 3, 2013

“They may as well attack me as well.”   OK, battle joined – you asked, we’ll oblige: You’re an arse of a Libertarian for siding with Statists that promote promise threaten Governmental Tyranny against fellow citizens simply for holding opposing political views. This is the first of a series of posts about Governmental Tyranny (or […]

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“Carefully considered and narrowly tailored…?”

by Steve MacDonald June 13, 2012

New Hampshire Governor John Lynch Vetoed SB175 this week, a bill that would allow heirs to control the commercial use of a celebrities identity.  But I’m not all that interested in the Veto or the bill, I am more…amused…by the hypocrisy in his explanation for it. The Union Leader reports Governor Lynch as suggesting that […]

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Brett Kimberlin is a….

by Tim Condon June 1, 2012

At GraniteGrok lately, we’ve been talking a lot about Brett Kimberlin lately HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE. He’s the guy over on the left, a convicted felon who now is out of prison and threatening various high-profile national bloggers. For a little background, see the short video about this character HERE. He’s becoming better and better […]

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HB 1704 – Republicans doing the dirty work by resurrecting HassanSpeech? Part 3

by Skip May 16, 2012

Heh! Update before posting:  If you go down 1/3rd of the post to where I discuss lines 25-26, 28-29 you can see that even if the IRS codes would not require Donors / Contributors information, this amendment will require it.  Now add this info: TUESDAY, MAY 15, UPDATE: CROSSROADS ON THE AIR. Crossroads GPS, a […]

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NH Dem Narrative: Maggie Hassan Is A Moderate

by Steve MacDonald October 5, 2011

They are already trying to sell presumptive Democrat candidate for governor Maggie ‘The Red’ Hassan as a moderate. (If you believe that I have a shovel ready project for you.)

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