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YAWN: “ME TOO” Anti-Gun Politics

by Rick Olson March 22, 2018

“Me Too! Not getting enough attention here, everybody look at me! I am about to Virtue Signal. Hey! look at me, everybody! I’m virtue signalling.  Oh, that Concord Monitor. What would we do without them and their constant silly pablum? “Another citizen…to wit: Cindy White has taken to the opinion pages of the Granite State […]

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Chosen Lies Gun-Grabbing Charlatans

by Rick Olson February 5, 2016

“A charlatan makes obscure what is clear; a thinker makes clear what is obscure.” — Hugh Kingsmill Charlatans who advocate for Gun Control have inoculated themselves against the truth. The lies persist. The confusion abounds that perpetuates the lie. Anti-gun liberal charlatans willingly buy into the false narratives. They embrace the ignorance like an addict […]

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Lawless Police in Methuen Massachusetts

by Rick Olson November 10, 2015

“There is respect for law, and then there is complicity in lawlessness.”  –Rebecca MacKinnon The Bay State sometimes lives up to their anti-second amendment reputation, “institutionally.” The laws in the Bay State for guns are restrictive. But, after many hoops jumped through, Bay State Subjects can still own, possess and carry guns in the Bay […]

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Gun Control Liars Lie

by Rick Olson October 7, 2015

“Liars begins with making falsehoods appear like truths, and end with making truths itself appear like falsehoods.” —William Shenstone April 17, 2015: 11:50 p.m. Everardo Custodio,22 began firing into a crowd of people in Chicago’s Logan Square.  A parked Uber driver exited his vehicle and returned fire with his own gun, stopping Custodio. The Uber […]

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Gun Permit In NY? Logon To Facebook For Police

by Rick Olson October 21, 2014

“A charlatan makes obscure what is clear; a thinker makes clear what is obscure.” — Hugh Kingsmill Watervliet, NY Police Chief Ron Boisvert asks applicants to logon to their facebook accounts, then peruses visited pages…  New York…The “Empire State.” Known to be one of the most restrictive and confusing places to own, possess firearms. A […]

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The Charlatanry About Gun Laws Continues

by Rick Olson April 24, 2014

“A charlatan makes obscure what is clear; a thinker makes clear what is obscure.” —Hugh Kingsmill (British writer and critic. 1889-1949) Today, the headlines read, USA Today: “Ga. governor signs ‘guns everywhere’ into law” NBC News: “What Georgia’s ‘Extreme’ New Gun Law Allows” MSNBC: “Georgia governor signs sweeping gun bill into law” And finally, our […]

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Everytown USA: Bloomberg’s Latest Sham

by Rick Olson April 17, 2014

“I do think there are certain times we should infringe on your freedom.” —NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg What do you call a 5-foot-eight manicured, billionaire with an ego as big as Montana and an agenda that blatantly ignores the U.S. Constitution? Michael Bloomberg. A few days ago, Bloomberg retooled his anti-gun efforts, huffing and puffing how […]

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Why So Many Are Not Supporting Senate Bill 244

by Rick Olson March 26, 2014

“Patience is power. Patience is not an absence of action; rather it is “timing” it waits on the right time to act, for the right principles and in the right way.” ? Fulton J. Sheen Senate Bill 244 began as a bill sponsored by Democratic Senator David Watters. The bill established all sorts of confusing […]

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Ignorant Anti-Gun Pukes

by Rick Olson February 20, 2014

The most dangerous people are the ignorant. —Henry Ward Beecher Diane Feinstein attempted to resurrect the 1994 Assault Weapons Ban along with the so-called high-capacity magazine ban. Congress attempted to pass a comprehensive universal background check bill which served as a pretext to a national gun registry. Bay State Democrat John Tierney filed a bill […]

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New York Gun Control Activist Arrested Carrying a Gun

by Rick Olson February 11, 2014

“A hypocrite is the kind of politician who would cut down a redwood tree, then mount the stump and make a speech for conservation.”   —Adlai E. Stevenson Gun-Grabbing, anti-second amendment activist who vocally advocated for New York’s SAFE Act was arrested February 6…for carrying a firearm on school premises. Despite the fact that Ferguson, […]

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Granite State Progress Speaks (Lies) On HB1589

by Rick Olson February 9, 2014

“A charlatan makes obscure what is clear; a thinker makes clear what is obscure.” —Hugh Kingsmill (British writer and critic. 1889-1949) Below is an email sent to legislators by Zandra Rice Hawkins of Granite State Progress. (Response is at the bottom) My name is Zandra Rice Hawkins and I am the executive director of Granite […]

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“Background Check” Charlatanry

by Rick Olson February 1, 2014

“It seems to me sad when … you give a platform to the charlatans. It is doing great damage to the struggle. It sows confusion and uncertainty where there should be no confusion and uncertainty.” —Stephen Lewis There is a bill right now in play. HB 1589…and amended version. The bill seeks to require all […]

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HB 1589: A Means To An End

by Rick Olson January 22, 2014

“There are three kinds of falsehoods: Lies, damned lies and statistics” —Arthur James Balfour, 1st Earl of Balfour Clearly, we have a problem when legislators continue to find ways to incrementally chip away at our second amendment rights. But this bill is just a bit more insidious than what folks saw here today. HB 1589 […]

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Doofus Redux: Mark Glaze Executive Director of Mayors Against Illegal Guns

by Rick Olson November 21, 2013

“Providence protects children and idiots. I know because I have tested it.” —Mark Twain You can’t make this stuff up, but first things first. Who is Mark Glaze? Glaze is the Executive Director for Michael Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns (MAIG). He is also a wind bag and a doofus. Back in August he was […]

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Zoning: The New Anti-Gun Context

by Rick Olson November 13, 2013

If we desire respect for the law, we must first make the law respectable.  —Louis D. Brandeis The Londonderry Fish & Game Club is best described as, “the little club that could.” There was a time not so many years ago when access to club property was challenged and an expensive and costly lawsuit threatened […]

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An “Assault Weapons Ban In the Granite State

by Rick Olson November 12, 2013

“Anything that is too stupid to be spoken is sung.” —Voltaire Last week, as I was reading Londonderry Patch, I came across Marc Fortier’s October 29 entry entitled, “Assault Weapons Ban, Higher Speed Limits and Gambling“. Fortin writes, “New Hampshire lawmakers will debate these and other controversial issues in the upcoming legislative session.” Fortier also […]

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Gun Buy-Back Program In CO Foiled By Passage Of Recent Laws

by Rick Olson July 25, 2013

“Irony is the hygiene of the mind.”   —Elizabeth Bibesco “Together Colorado“, an anti-gun group in Colorado had planned to host a gun buy back program whereby gift cards or tickets to sporting events would be exchanged for guns. The scheme intended to have people come, hand over their guns and get the gift cards […]

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Representative Mary Beth Walz Reading Names From The List

by Rick Olson July 1, 2013

“The know-your-audience philosophy can be a big step down the road to pandering to the audience.”  —Edward Tufte I was essentially the first to write about the naming of a terrorist as a victim of gun violence by the Bloomberg Bus Tour, No More Names.  I was at the front of it for a couple […]

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NRA: Bloomberg’s Group Outrageously Honors the Boston Bomber

by Rick Olson July 1, 2013
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What Does a Home Invasion Look Like?

by Rick Olson June 25, 2013

“The subject of criminal rehabilitation was debated recently in City Hall. It’s an appropriate place for this kind of discussion because the city has always employed so many ex-cons and future cons.”   —Mike Royko What does a home invasion look like? This is what a home invasion looks like in New Jersey where the government […]

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More Names From, “NO MORE NAMES”…

by Rick Olson June 24, 2013

“Liberals are stalwart defenders of civil liberties – provided we’re only talking about criminals.”   —Ann Coulter Jamaal Moore, who had a considerable criminal history was shot after attempting to flee the scene of a robbery and a high speed chase through a residential neighborhood.  Five offenders, including Moore, “piled out” of the car, and attempted […]

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“No More Names” Bus Tour Featured Profile From The List

by Rick Olson June 23, 2013

“Arguments of convenience lack integrity and inevitably trip you up.”   —Donald Rumsfeld The Deceptively named, “Mayors Against Illegal Guns,” came rolling into Concord New Hampshire last week by proxy of the infamous, “No More Names” Bus Tour where local anti-gun zealots take turns reading from’s Gun Death Tally List. The front page banner in […]

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“No More Names” Bus Tour: What’s in a number?

by Rick Olson June 21, 2013

A half truth is a whole lie. —Yiddish Proverb “6,236 Americans have been ‘murdered’ with guns since Newtown,” reads the website of No More Names. What’s in a number?, I ask…This detestable bus with its detestable crowd came to Concord on Tuesday. Anti-second amendment State Reps showed up holding signs passed out by the hacks […]

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Wounded Warrior Project Goes “Political/Hypocritical”

by Rick Olson June 12, 2013

Political ideology can corrupt the mind, and science.   —E. O. Wilson When this issue broke on the radio talk show and blogosphere arena. I was absolutely sick to my stomach. Awash in disappointment and dismay, I just could not believe what I was seeing and reading…I read it again…and again. I found myself so disheartened […]

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Dr Seuss and Gun Grabbers

by Rick Olson May 3, 2013

You can not, shall not have a gun,  This banning craze has just begun…  Guns and bullets make me ill,  Pass the Kool-Aid if you will…  You don’t really need a gun,  From violent criminals you can run!  And when the violent felons come …  You have scissors, but don’t you run!  And to defenseless […]

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The Gun Maker’s Exodus Part II

by Rick Olson April 15, 2013

“The number one job facing the middle class, and it happens to be, as Barack says, a three-letter word: jobs. J-O-B-S.” —That “Happy Warrior”Vice-President Joseph Biden That is what he said…and without much credibility because we know that vice president Biden is a stupid person. Alas, the “Happy Warrior.”  This quote is instructive, because on […]

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The Gun Industry’s Exodus

by Rick Olson April 8, 2013

“Ideas are more powerful than guns. We would not let our enemies have guns, why should we let them have ideas.”   —Joseph Stalin On Saturday, a Union Leader Editorial entitled, “Grabbing gun makers NH’s big opportunity” posited the question, “So why is the state not aggressively pursuing these companies and the jobs they would […]

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And Now For the Ammunition Ban

by Rick Olson April 5, 2013

“If there are twelve clowns in a ring, you can jump in the middle and start reciting Shakespeare, but to the audience, you’ll just be the thirteenth clown” —Adam Walinsky We’ve talked a great deal these past months about a potential gun grab. What went sleepliy unnoticed was Senator Frank Lautenberg (D-NJ), and Rep. Carolyn […]

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Australia Gun Control Report Card

by Rick Olson April 4, 2013

Insanity in individuals is something rare – but in groups, parties, nations and epochs, it is the rule.  —Friedrich Nietzsche I am a member of a group on LinkedIn called “Hunting, Fishing and Outdoor Professionals.” In a discussion thread the question was asked, “How do you feel about the banning of AR’s and 30 round […]

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Buffalo Wild Wings Refuses Service to Police Officers…Because They were Armed

by Rick Olson March 27, 2013

Nonsense is so good only because common sense is so limited. —George Santayana Welcome to the UK! no, just kidding…actually, one might have thought this joint was in the UK. This food chain would not serve armed Police Officers. MANASSAS, VA — Eight police officers were refused service at Buffalo Wild Wings on Wednesday, apparently […]

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