Anthropogenic Global Warming

Global Warming Part 2: The Science – so bad it’s not even wrong

by Op-Ed July 9, 2018

By Eddie (Image H/T: Fair warning: This will get a little “sciencey” but don’t fear it can’t get too “sciencey” since I’m not a scientist (now I’m sounding like a Republican). Let’s start with Newton’s LAWS of Motion and Gravitation. Huh? I know, I’m taking you down another path, but I’ll get to the […]

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If Sea Ice Grew and No One Was There to ‘Report’ It, Did It Really Happen?

by Steve MacDonald September 20, 2012

Forbes has a story about the Antarctic.  It’s that other frozen wasteland, the one you never hear much about.   You don’t hear anything about it because for the past 33 years the amount of sea-ice in the antarctic has apparently been growing, and as of this week–due to record cold temperatures in the region–has reached […]

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