Anonymous responds to Obama’s 2013 Gun Control measures….

by Tom January 28, 2013

The pot is boiling.  The Executive Branch’s DHS is buying fully-automatic rifles and millions of rounds of .223 caliber ammunition. When is someone in the GOP going to file an impeachment case against this President?  Will it be left up to the people of the United States (likely just 3%, as in 1776) to correct this […]

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The Kimberlin Files, Day 18: Stacy McCain at Undisclosed Location, Battling an ‘Axis of Weevils’

by Mike June 4, 2012

Another busy week for Grok friend Robert Stacy “The Other” McCain, as he relentlessly pursues the web of connections between Brett Kimberlin and assorted Leftist malcontents. Some twisted, some evil, and some just gullible enough to believe that Kimberlin is an innocent musician and pothead who was viciously targeted by the right. Brett Kimberlin is […]

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Anonymous Allegations?

by Steve MacDonald May 24, 2012

Over at the Concord Monitor web site, someone going by the name of ItsaRepublic, has been doing some very heavy lifting for GraniteGrok.  They have gone to bat for us on our investigation of Public Employees who have been using the Monitor’s web site, during office hours, at taxpayer expense.  Not exactly a friendly environment […]

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Anonymous Hackers Arrested

by Steve MacDonald March 8, 2012

One week after Anonymous announced a call for armed rebellion against the US, six members believed to be part of the group have been arrested and charged with hacking into corporate and government systems. (Must not be Obama Campaign donors.) The report points out that an insider who was arrested in 2011 has been helping […]

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Anonymous Calls For Armed Rebellion

by Steve MacDonald February 29, 2012

The Obama Administration has been itching for an Internet foe to distract us from our current “non-social issues” related difficulties. (No jobs, no growth, that sort of thing.) Anything at all will do.  So how about this? Anonymous has officially declared war on America by calling for an armed rebellion against the U.S. government. Not […]

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