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Dark Money Hillary And The NH Connection

by Ed Naile April 16, 2014

Do you think Hillary is prepping for a run for president? You might want to know who she has hired and who they are working with for a simple clue. But then again, we may not know until it’s too late. And that seems to be the plan two years out. Hillary is working with […]

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GrokPOLL! Results for NH CD-2

by Steve MacDonald April 16, 2014
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Col. Gary Lambert has won our unscientific poll for who would you most likely vote for in New Hampshire Congressional District 2. Col. Gary Lambert – 6393 Votes (55%) Rep Marilinda Garcia – 5208 Votes (45%) Cong. Ann Kuster  – 39 votes Our new Poll will up by Lunchtime Today!

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Ready For Hilltop?

by Steve MacDonald April 15, 2014
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Sean Downey is going to be a regional coordinator for ‘Ready For Hillary’ but guess who else he works for? WMUR Political Scoop has confirmed that Sean Downey will be working in some capacity in organizing the Northeast for the Super PAC, which has been committed to identifying potential Clinton supporters in 2016 and collecting […]

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GrokPOLL! – NH Congressional District 2 ‘Who Would You Choose?’

by Steve MacDonald April 9, 2014
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If the Election were held today, who among these candidates would you vote for in New Hampshire Congressional District 2?

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Union Flack Brian Rapp – The Oracle of What Is And Is Not ‘Political’

by Steve MacDonald April 8, 2014
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Brian Rapp is the President of IAFF Local 1571, serves on the Claremont School Board, NH Healthtrust Board of Dir. , and gets slimy tweets from all the best left-wing hypocrites in New Hampshire.  So when he accuses someone else of making “deaths” or ‘Injuries’ political… You’d be right to assume that he did it […]

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Kuster Campaign – No Town Hall’s, But They Do Offer Scraps!

by Steve MacDonald March 31, 2014
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From Citizens’ for a Strong New Hampshire…

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On The Anniversary of ObamaCare — A Moment of Silence

by Steve MacDonald March 25, 2014
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March 23rd was ObamaCare’s 4th Birthday.   No fanfare?  No celebrations?  No parades?  No Birthday cake? Taking Skip’s lead, I checked the NH Federal delegation House and Senate Web Sites for Jeanne Shaheen, Carol Shea-Porter, and Ann Kuster.  There were no press releases, no statements, not even a tweet about the 4th anniversary of the glorious […]

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Foreign Policy Based on Fantasy

by Steve MacDonald March 4, 2014
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From Day One… The Washington Post posited today that Obama’s foreign policy is based on a fantasy. I think they’re right, but there’s another fantasy at play, here, too. Obama’s campaign pitch and much of his foreign and domestic policy were always based on the fantasy that his mere presence and his mere words would […]

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Heritage Action for America – Scoring for NH lawmakers in DC

by Skip January 19, 2014

Surprised on this; I would have expected better… (H/T: Heritage)

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Ann Kuster – ObamaCare Chaos and Uncertainty is What Americans “…need and Deserve.”

by Steve MacDonald December 26, 2013
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There is a new Ad out directed at NH CD-2 Democrat Ann Kuster (below) and Harrell ‘Pajama Boy’ Kirstein and the NH State Democrat party are objecting to the timing of the ad. They find it offensive to ask people to talk about how Democrats lied about their Health Care overhaul during the Holiday Season.   […]

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GrokTALK! With Guest Marilinda Garcia

by Steve MacDonald December 19, 2013

Marilinda Garcia joins us  in Studio to talk about her enrtry into the Republican Primary to challenge Ann Kuster for the congressional seat in NH CD-2. We discuss states rights, the role of government, marijuana, ObamaCare, spending, and even the potential advantages of incrementalism. We also touch on the differing roles between state and federal […]

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MAYBE they ARE listening – Consistency

by Skip December 13, 2013

FINALLY – a “yay! in that the boat may be swinging about.  We’ve been pounding on NH Republicans and the NH GOP on the truism: Consistency + Trust = Votes (all other things being equal).  But first, you have to ACT Consistently, and talk Consistently, and if you can master that (it really isn’t all […]

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Klueless Kuster – Hey – That Answer Is Not In My Talking Points

by Steve MacDonald December 9, 2013
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Ann Kuster, the Democrat Parties representative to Congressional District  two in New Hampshire, got flummoxed after reading a question from a constituent about Benghazi.  Here we see Klueless Kuster making Carol Shea-Porter look lucid. The Daily Caller has more…

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When It ‘Pays’ to Know People Will Lose Their Health Plan

by Steve MacDonald November 18, 2013
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Kirsten Gillibrand, Democrat Senator from New York, is on the record stating that everybody knew that people losing their insurance plans was a central premise of the ObamaCare Roll Out. So even though they had to pass it to find out what was in it everyone knew, including Obama, and Democrats, and the media, and […]

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The Realities of DemocratCare…. or ‘They Don’t Call us “The Right!” For Nothing.’

by Steve MacDonald October 26, 2013
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Blaze Daily Beast columnist Kirsten Powers, who has been an Obamacare supporter, admitted on “The Kelly File” Thursday that her insurance premiums will nearly double from $160 per month to about $300 per month if she wants to keep the same deductible. The reality of higher premiums and the broken promise that Americans can keep […]

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NH Democrats Running Away From Obamacare…?

by Steve MacDonald August 22, 2013

NH Democrats Running Away From Obamacare…?  No.  Just running away from people asking questions about ObamaCare…

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Shaheen Received Money from IRS Employees Union

by Steve MacDonald May 17, 2013

Open Secrets identifies the National Treasury Employees Union, which covers the IRS, as Liberal.  Go figure? They only donate to Democrats, which includes New Hampshire Senator Jeanne Shaheen, according to this recent press release… Senate Democrats received more than $570,000 from IRS Union Washington, D.C. – This week news broke that Senate Democrats were guilty of pressuring […]

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Call The Pelosi Twins – The House Vote To Repeal ObamaScare is Today

by Steve MacDonald May 16, 2013

Let Carol Ann Shea-McKluster know that…now that we all know what’s in it – we still don’t want it!

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April 27th GrokTALK! Guest Segment – NH House Rep Bill O’Brien

by Steve MacDonald April 28, 2013

This week on GrokTALk! New Hampshire House Republican, and former Speaker of the NH House, Rep Bill O’Brien talks to Skip and Steve about budgets, deficits, dishonest accounting gymnastics, devolving power from Concord and returning it to the towns and the people, and how his exploration of a potential congressional run is going. To download […]

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New Hampshire Democrat Women! How Do You Think Live Birth Abortions Should Be Performed?

by Steve MacDonald April 17, 2013

No point in beating around the bush.  Kermit Gosnell has put live birth abortion front and center and so should we.  It is a thoroughly documented fact that this is something that a number of prominent Democrat women in New Hampshire support.  Democrat leaders in the state and the Democrat party support it.  So we […]

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Is Ann Kuster Happy We Violated the US Constitution?

by Steve MacDonald February 28, 2013

Ann Kuster is excited that the House Republicans decided not to change the Senate version of the Violence Against Women’s act.    I’m not sure what the House had in mind but Tax dodger Ann Kuster is happy to assume it’s because they hate women. What a difference a day makes! On Wednesday, Speaker Boehner had […]

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Where Ann “Onward” McKluster Pretends She’s Obama

by Steve MacDonald February 28, 2013

Ann Kuster wasn’t around to vote for the sequestration, or any continuing resolutions, nor was she there to watch as Democrats refused to send a budget to their Democrat president, but she already knows it’s not her fault. Here’s most of the turd of an email she left in my in-box (I took out all […]

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Is This A Coincidence?

by Steve MacDonald February 21, 2013

Just wondering.

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Ann McLane Kuster Walks Out in the Midst of WBIN Interview

by Steve MacDonald February 21, 2013

Millionaire Democrat Annie ‘I’ll get your gun‘ McKluster  get’s out of the kitchen when the property tax questions roll in–walking out of her interview.  (Maybe to pay some overdue parking tickets?) WBIN – TV In case you missed it: U.S. Rep. Annie Kuster walked away from an interview with WBIN’s Martin Morenz and refused to answer questions about her […]

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Hey! Dufus! Why the Hell Aren’t You Covering “This!?”

by Steve MacDonald February 12, 2013

Shawn Millerick, the head of the political fiction section at NH Journal, wanted to know why we at GraniteGrok were not covering the real world story about Ann McKluster Kuster not paying her property taxes.  The appropriate response was to provide a link to the story I actually wrote on February 5th about how Ann […]

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Annie McKluster Doesn’t Pay Her Taxes? [Updated & Bumped]

by Steve MacDonald February 5, 2013

The New Hampshire Young Republicans (NHYR) want to know why Congress-critter Ann McLane Kuster (I prefer McKluster) is worth an estimated $1.8 million dollars but can’t manage to pay her property taxes? “While Annie Kuster pushes a message that we all need to chip in a little extra, she has failed to pay her fair […]

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This Isn’t Sexist?

by Steve MacDonald January 5, 2013

Hypocrisy from the left is always on my radar and let me tell you–my radar is always beeping.  Take this for example.  Just imagine if former Senator John Sununu (or any man anywhere) had said this… Keep the New Hampshire Delegation in men’s hands. I can smell the tar boiling from here.  So who has […]

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I know that Progressive NH Dems need to take Private Property away from other to feel good about themselves…

by Skip September 25, 2012

Grokster Steve reports about NH Dems and a fascination with baseball bats.  We all know about how much NH Dems wish to redistribute other peoples’ private property (rich, middle-class, no matter as it all belongs to us Progressive anyways) to feel that they have forced others to participate in their Utopian ideas of a perfect […]

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Progressives – it’s NOT your money if not being used for the greatest and common good

by Skip September 18, 2012

according to their philosophy.  And so say them directly – Hillary Rosen, Ann Kuster, and Barack Hussein Obama.  If you are not using your money for the common good according to  ReProgressives (presently, one’s money to be “in the economy”), they feel perfectly fine and capable to remove it from you and call it taxation. […]

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