Ann Coulter

Notable Quote – Ann Coulter

by Skip August 9, 2018

“Only the Democratic Party could produce a string of presidential candidates who oppose school choice and vouchers while sending their own children to lily-white private schools. Only the Democratic Party could hysterically denounce a Supreme Court nominee for allegedly making unwanted sexual advances in the workplace and then applaud a president who was receiving oral […]

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Peter Singer Compared Black People to Apes?

by Steve MacDonald June 6, 2018

And as far as we know, he still has a job. Princeton ethics professor Peter Singer compares black people to apes, citing the black liberation movement as a model for the liberation of apes. We must “extend to other species,” Singer says, “the basic principle of equality” that we extend “to all members of our […]

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Ingraham Angle: What Really Happened To The DACA Deal

by Mike January 13, 2018

Laura breaks down the DACA deal break down with Jonathan Swan of Axios, Ann Coulter, and Mark Krikorian of the Center for Immigration Studies: Axios’ Jonathan Swan was on a couple of shows earlier in the evening, and he had clearly done his homework on how the gang had tried to double-cross Trump, and instead […]

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Notable Quote – Ann Coulter

by Skip October 15, 2016

“Liberals don’t care. Their approach is to rip out society’s foundations without asking if they serve any purpose. Why do we have immigration laws? What’s with these borders? Why do we have the institution of marriage, anyway? What do we need standardized tests for? Hey, I like Keith Richards – why not make heroin legal? […]

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Notable Quote- Ann Coulter; On Matters of Paternity in The Modern Age

by Steve MacDonald December 23, 2013

Say, you know what would be great?  It would be great if we had some other way of determining who the father is, by law, at the moment a child is born.  Also mothers should try to get some sort of commitment from the father to stay with her and raise their child together before […]

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Obama Likes His Laws A La Carte

by Mike September 2, 2013

Shredding The Constitution, Picking and choosing which laws to enforce (including his own!) – these are the actions of a person wholly unsuited to high office. I have stated here and elsewhere that arbitrary and capricious enforcement of unworkable or unfathomable laws is the textbook definition of tyranny. Couple that with Barry’s determined efforts to […]

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I think I’m in love….

by Tim Condon October 29, 2012

Here’s Ann Coulter, starting with a defense of New Hampshire’s own John Sununu. We already knew it—she’s damned good—but it’s well worth repeating…and well worth watching.

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“Negros With Guns”

by Tim Condon April 22, 2012

Ann Coulter, despite her recent foolishness in attacking Newt Gingrich, is nearly always, ahem, “on target.” As with her recent column, “Negros with Guns,” which starts out like this: Liberals have leapt on the shooting death of Trayvon Martin in Florida to push for the repeal of “stand your ground” laws and to demand tighter […]

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At the same time CPAC is going on, so is the Washington and Lee University Republican Mock Convention of 2012

by Mike February 10, 2012

GraniteGrok extends it’s thanks to Scott McGrath for reporting from this event that is dovetailing with CPAC 2012! Day 1 of Washington and Lee University Republican Mock Convention 2012 Event started with a debate between Ann Coulter and James Carville,  The respective podiums were equipped with Red and Blue boxing gloves,    As such I expected […]

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