Animal Farm

The End of the Arctic?

by Steve MacDonald November 23, 2017

We should be thankful…that a majority of people outside the bubbled-elite do not regularly buy into the weaponized fear-mongering of climate alarmists like this turkey. He, like many other enlightened scribblers reporting the words of “Experts™,” have been wrong about more things more times than we can count. But that doesn’t stop them from trying.

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Orwell’s Pigs Are Alive And Well – On THEIR ObamaCare, At OUR Expense!

by Mike August 9, 2013

John Goodman at the National Center for Policy Analysis writes: Is this Obama’s Nixon moment? In 2014, members of Congress and their staff will receive their health insurance through the health insurance exchanges created by ObamaCare. Lucky for them, it was recently announced that the federal government will make tax-free contributions toward the employee’s insurance […]

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Some Animals (And Some Religions) Are More Equal Than Others

by Mike June 10, 2013

Orwell would be spinning in his grave to see how literally his prophesies have come true! From the all-seeing, all-knkowing, Big Brother state, to the Ruling class where some anmials are more equal than others… To the emergence of a ‘religion’ which demands to be treated as more equal than others – they can hate […]

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Alec Baldwin – Card Carrying Member of the Liberal Aristocracy

by Steve MacDonald February 18, 2013

When you are a member of the protected class you can do whatever you want without fear of being treated like the regular people.  Alec Baldwin is a rich, connected, member of the liberal aristocracy.  When he cries out for the occupy movement and the 99% no one asks him how he can simultaneously accuse rich bankers […]

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