Andrew Cuomo

She’s wrong

by Skip August 10, 2017

LEGISLATOR TO ANDREW CUOMO: ““You look at me, Mr. Governor, but you don’t see me. You see my black skin and a woman.” No, he doesn’t see your black skin and that you are a woman.  After over a decade of watching politicians evaluating situations, you know what he sees? He sees you in terms of […]

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Intolerant Andrew Cuomo Channels NH Cynthia Chase – And how NH HB1589 Fits In

by Steve MacDonald January 21, 2014
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Democrats are not interested in dialogue or debate.   Compromise is something other people do. They use the power of the mob or the state (often both) to silence opposition.   Campaign finance laws always favor their political “speakers” at the expense of all others.   They are the ones ginning up mobs to picket people’s homes and […]

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Do What You Gotta Do Girl

by Ed Naile September 9, 2013

Suddenly, and without warning, a secret diary pops up in the New York press and an irresistible young Robert F. Kennedy has some explaining to do. I imagine the dust from his personal “hit” list of female Democrat sexual conquests will take longer than 2016 to settle down. Wouldn’t you say? I scanned the chatter […]

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Heh! Just remember, NY residents – we have no income or sales taxes here. We still like guns, too

by Skip January 10, 2013

“the MinuteMen would have make “the swishing sound heard ’round the world” with the swords they would have been left with in NY” Well, at least while we can still beat off the attacks of the transplanted Progressives now here in NH who hate people keeping their own money (that’s cheating Government, dontcha know!) and […]

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Gun Confiscation, “Could Be An Option”

by Rick Olson December 28, 2012

“Political language… is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind.”  —George Orwell  In my last post just only hours ago, I posited the notion that Gun Guntrol advocates are, in fact “Coming for our Guns.” During a radio interview New York Governor Andrew Cuomo […]

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