Criminals for Students for “Safe Schools”

by Steve MacDonald April 7, 2018

If you have any doubts about whether criminals support efforts by progressives to get students to disarm law-abiding citizens then let me help. Street thugs, muggers, rapists, Gangs, and crime syndicates (including the ones pretending to be from the government), are all for a force monopoly that favors their endeavors. They are all advocates of gun-free […]

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Why do Democrats never blame people – unless they’re Conservatives

by Skip January 11, 2014

California Democrats will push background checks for ammunition “Anyone can walk into any gun store, a bait and tackle store, and purchase all the ammunition they want to, no questions asked,” Sen. Kevin de Leon (D), the bill’s lead sponsor, said in an interview. “The ammunition is the fuel that feeds the violence. The gun […]

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If We Had Ammunition, We Could’ve Cleared that Building…

by Steve MacDonald September 19, 2013
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I keep looking for something else to write about, but life keeps giving me the Navy Yard Shooting.  Tactical team minutes away told to stand down.   Alexis’ a liberal Obama supporter, and now this…  (Note: prior to the quote below they were discussing the Texas Bell Tower shooter.) ‘If We Had the Ammunition, We Could’ve […]

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Obama’s Army….Only Following Executive Orders

by Tom March 25, 2013

Is Obama’s “Civilian National Security Force” being staged and supplied under our very noses? “We cannot continue to rely only on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives we’ve set. We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.” – BHO, Colorado, […]

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Smartest President Ever…[updated]

by Steve MacDonald February 27, 2013

Haven’t even cut a fraction of his massive 3.8 trillion dollar budget (cuts he passed into law)…only place to cut at DHS requires Barack Obama to let hundreds of criminals out of prison. What? Is this what DHS needed billions of rounds of ammunition for? [update] White House denies knowledge.  Theories that the release may […]

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DHS Tries to Explain Why It Needs 1.6 Billion More Rounds of Ammo

by Steve MacDonald February 15, 2013

The speculation about why the US Department of Homeland Security would want to buy another 1.6 billion (with a b) rounds of ammunition over the next few years as been ‘enthusiastic’-if not just creepy at times, but worry not, they have put the issue to rest. The Homeland Security Department wants to buy more than 1.6 billion rounds […]

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Driving Out The Competition

by Steve MacDonald February 7, 2013

I have posited elsewhere in these pages that the government (when run by this particular crowd of liberal Democrats at least) very likely engages in tax policy designed to eliminate political competition. If, for example, you drive off all the wealthy people or confiscate so much of their wealth that they cling (bitterly) to whatever […]

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Gun-control massacre of civilians

by Tom January 29, 2013

Militia opens fire on government forces… BOSTON – Police and National Guard units seeking to confiscate a cache of recently banned assault weapons were ambushed Sunday by elements of a para-military right wing extremist faction. Military and law enforcement sources estimate that 72 were killed and more than 200 injured before government forces were compelled […]

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What’s Good for the Goose…

by Tom January 27, 2013

  More proof that our Federal Government is out of control, and should be feared, comes from this Blaze article. The Department of Homeland Security issued this RFP back in June, 2012 for 7000 AR-15 “select fire” rifles (fully-automatic) “Personal Defense Weapons“. In conjunction, DHS has also recently made large (millions) purchases of rounds of ammunition that […]

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Will Terie Norelli And The Democrats Try To Ban My Refrigerator?

by Steve MacDonald December 24, 2012

I think it is appropriate to add this picture (right) to Susan Olsen’s post.  The one with the ‘Journalist’s Guide To Firearm’s Identification.’ This is my refrigerator door.  It was modified by the manufacturer to accommodate an extra magazine capable of holding all manner of ‘lethal’ ordinance.  Soda.  Beer.  Water, in those earth destroying plastic […]

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