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Blogline of the Week: Reciprocal liars

by Mike April 28, 2018

In last Sunday’s essay on American Thinker, Clarice Feldman waxed eloquent about the no good, very bad, Comey book and tour. The IG report showing just how self-serving Comey’s leaked memos had been was just out, and the ladies of The View had delivered a bipartisan shredding of Comey. It was this paragraph, however, Which […]

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About Those ‘Social Issues’

by Steve MacDonald August 7, 2014
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A snippet from Selwyn Duke – American Thinker… rebutting the notion that government should stay out of ‘social issues.’ As I predicted years ago and wrote about here, there now is a movement afoot — one that has received “unbiased” mainstream-media news coverage — to legitimize pedophilia. Moreover, it has co-opted the language of the […]

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Sudden Reversal For Warmists – The Arctic Didn’t Melt!

by Mike September 9, 2013

Recently, Steve pointed out that an expedition to measure the loss of Arctic Ice was forced to turn back when their Ice Breaker captain told them there was too much ice to proceed safely! Last year, Steve noted that the Antarctic was accumulating record amounts of new ice, even as smaller losses at the north […]

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Forecast For Global Warmists: Cloudy, With A Chance Of Cosmic Rays

by Mike August 31, 2013

As Steve pointed out, it seems that the amount of solar radiation reaching the Earth’s surface is greatly affected by minute particulate matter in the atmosphere, and the cooling trend that the scaremongers were so exercised about in the ’70s was replaced by a warming trend when there was less soot and pollution – Who […]

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Adventures in Babysitting

by Steve MacDonald February 13, 2013

J.Robert Smith has a good article at American Thinker on Republicans taking back the tax issue, and that is certainly true,  but there were two things in particular that stood out to me… First, the current US tax code consists of almost 74,000 pages.  (What the…) Second, on one of those pages can be found this. (paragraphs appear here in […]

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Guest Post: Mike Johnson – “New Hampshire, Tear Down This Firewall”

by Steve MacDonald October 21, 2012

New Hampshire, Tear Down This Firewall Mike Johnson 10/21/12 You have a choice, New Hampshire, an important choice, a life-style choice. Like our motto says, you can “Live Free or Die,” a free self-reliant citizen of New Hampshire, proud of yourself and proud of your state and your country.  Or you can “Live Dependent […]

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Unfit for Command, Mk II: The Special Ops and Intelligence Communities Challenge Obama

by Mike August 24, 2012

A group calling itself OPSEC Team has produced a devastating 24 minute video detailing the reckless disregard our vainglorious president has shown for the safety and security of our intelligence community, Special Operatives, overseas assets, and our allies. In 2004, the SwiftBoat Veterans called out John F-ing Kerry on his grossly inaccurate and self-promoting account […]

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Obama’s Looking a Little Dog-Eared: Another Fraudian Slip?

by Mike May 24, 2012

American Thinker, which deconstructed Obama well ahead of the curve, and long before Dinesh DeSouza (example here), is now busily deconstructing the fraudulent images of his presidency, if indeed it IS his presidency. Mara Zebest is a Photoshop expert, author of several books on the topic, and has been observing some odd features of official White […]

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The Undead TEA Party vs The Dead Democrat Voters

by Mike May 14, 2012

A funny thing happened at the polls this week. Hot on the heels of yet another James O’Keefe expose of how the dead could “vote”, and were probably voting Democrat, we learned that the death of the TEA party has been greatly exaggerated, and those very much living voters trounced RINO Dick Lugar last Tuesday.

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Another Fraudian Slip from the Obama Administration?

by Mike May 12, 2012

Talk about target-rich environment. Not so much foot in mouth, as carefully pacing foot in front of shotgun and yelling “pull”! The layered birth certificate, the odd datestamp on the Selective Service Card, the composite imaginary girlfriend (or was it Ayers’ girlfriend?), and now the fake situation room photo. Was Obama really MIA so much […]

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Obama Cannibalizes Advanced Dog Training Program!!!

by Mike May 12, 2012

You can’t make this stuff up. Obama is going to be dogged for the rest of the campaign, and it will all be self-inflicted, because the O-team keeps, umm, stepping in it, although as Skip points out, ‘Our job is a much simpler one: Point and laugh at all of it.’ 🙂 In a combination […]

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If Obama’s Lost The Guardian, He’s Truly Lost the Left

by Mike May 12, 2012

So eager is Obama to crow about, and take credit for, military and intelligence operations, that his administration has now exceeded even the perfidy of the New York Times. Not content to simply announce that they had apprehended a potential bomber with a new type of underwear bomb (gives a whole new meaning to the […]

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