Ben Shapiro: Do Not Blame the Freest Most Civil Society in the History of Planet Earth…

by Steve MacDonald September 17, 2017

Ben Shapiro spoke at Berkeley without incident probably because of the massive police presence with engagement orders to pepper spray and arrest anyone who got out of hand. You’ll find plenty of snippet videos online and I’ve linked the entire thing below but I wanted to share this bit (c/o LI) where Mr. Shaprio explains Alt-Right […]

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If American conservatism means anything…

by Steve MacDonald September 14, 2017

If American conservatism means anything, then, it means the things found at the beginning of America, when it became a nation. The classics teach us that forming political bonds is natural to people, written in their nature, stemming from the divine gift they have of speech and reason. This means in turn that the Declaration of Independence, […]

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A Quick Note About ‘Cultural Appropriation’

by Steve MacDonald September 4, 2017

Just a reminder that the next time you whine about cultural appropriation the American Constitutional Republic and the Western Political culture and protections that it affords is the product of a bunch of White Europeans. Happy Monday.

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REALLY?! White People Have No Culture?

by Steve MacDonald September 2, 2017

I have no idea who this is but she is interesting, and she makes some important points, from the perspective a person who has lived many years in a former Eastern Bloc country (Hungary) looking Westward at the nonsense going on in America.  

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Get a Better Grip on the Convoluted War In Syria

by Steve MacDonald April 8, 2017

This video is from Ezra Klein and Vox, but it is worth watching. They do an excellent job of explaining the timeline and who is involved with whom for what apparent reasons. It also adds some interesting fuel to the Obama/Deep state Russian influence narrative: the US and Russia have been fighting on opposite sides of […]

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Guest Post by Peter Lemiska: How did America become so naïve?

by Skip March 22, 2017

How did America become so naïve? Considering America’s 240-year history, 16 years is not a long time.  But for some, it’s long enough to forget the outrage and fear all Americans felt after the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001. Nineteen hate-filled Muslim extremists exploited our flawed immigration controls and came to our country for […]

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Report: Schools Are Teaching Kids To Hate America

by Steve MacDonald January 17, 2017

By Joy Pullmann – The Federalist This new, anti-American approach is supplanting traditional civics—teaching kids about the structure and ideals of American government, basics about her history, and citizenship duties such as military service, voting, and jury duty. Poor civics instruction has increased over the past half-century, likely contributing to the broad decline of American […]

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Obama End Days

by Skip December 27, 2016

(Image H/T: Liberal Logic 101) “He has been all too happy to preside over the loss of American influence.” –Richard Cohen We here at GraniteGrok predicted this – while others have said that he’d be a failure of a President, we thought he’d be a most successful one.  The problem is that “success” in Obama’s […]

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Ladies and Gentlemen, A National Treasure

by Scott Morales October 4, 2016

This is fantastic and, given the times, heartening: Bill Murray singlehandedly drums up America chant from #RyderCup grandstand as Patrick Reed and Rory McIlroy tee off in opening group. — Bryan Armen Graham (@BryanAGraham) October 2, 2016  

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The Only Good Muslim is a Bad Muslim

by Steve MacDonald September 29, 2016
Thumbnail image for The Only Good Muslim is a Bad Muslim

The Senior Editor at, John Zmirack joins me for a conversation about “refugees” from Muslim nations, the absence of persecuted Arab Christians among these relocated populations, and how the only good Muslim for American culture, is a bad Muslim. Download this Segment | Listen to the Podcast

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In Case You Forgot What the Goal Was…

by Steve MacDonald September 26, 2016
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American Unexceptionalsim

by Steve MacDonald September 20, 2016
Thumbnail image for American Unexceptionalsim

Torn from the audio of this weeks podcast…dramatic, yes, my wide-ranging conversation with Mike Rogers on the ongoing effort by the professional left to make America unexceptional. There’s even a nod to Austin Powers in there if you can find it. Download this segment | Listen to the entire Podcast Music c/o Kevin MacLeod ( […]

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What Makes America Different?

by Steve MacDonald July 4, 2016
Thumbnail image for What Makes America Different?

Nick Adams, a best-selling Australian author, and political commentator gives an outsider’s view of the USA. Prager U

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Happy Independence Day America… You Blew it

by Kimberly Morin July 4, 2016

As we celebrate America’s Independence from a tyrannical government back in 1776, House Republicans in the swamp known as D.C. are considering voting on a bill that violates multiple freedoms that were specifically protected in the Bill of Rights by our Founding Fathers.

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Our Welfare System Allows Women to ‘Marry’ the Government

by Steve MacDonald June 13, 2016
Thumbnail image for Our Welfare System Allows Women to ‘Marry’ the Government

Larry Elder shares some hard and cold facts about how policy and culture have put children at risk, and black children exponentially so.

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Democrats refuse to acknowledge the 2nd largest Islamic Terrorist Act in U.S.

by Kimberly Morin June 13, 2016

Yesterday the 2nd largest Islamic Terror attack took place on American soil. Omar Mateen, who called 911 and pledge his allegiance to ISIS before killing more innocent Americans, committed the biggest act of Islamic terror in the United States since 9/11. Disgustingly, Democrats, including Obama, have decided they will not address Islamic Extremism but would […]

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UN and NASA Predict Long Term Drought in American Midwest: It Rains Instead

by Steve MacDonald June 12, 2016
Thumbnail image for UN and NASA Predict Long Term Drought  in American Midwest: It Rains Instead

In 1988 both NASA and the United Nations were certain that ‘ruinous drought in the American Midwest’ was “the first scientifically documented change brought about by the Greenhouse Effect.” This scientifically documented effect would cause the interior of the American content to be drier. From wheatlands to grasslands with the corn-belt becoming semi-arid. The next […]

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Racism: Not American nor Black and White

by Scott Morales June 3, 2016

Racism is real. I know it is. I’ve witnessed it from a few different groups against a few others. Personally, I think it’s brought about by embracing ignorance and illiteracy, but that’s my opinion based on nothing but my own observation.  Racism is not a one way street. And it is not only white against […]

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There is a Very Short Distance Between a Democracy and a Dictatorship

by Steve MacDonald May 18, 2016
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For many of you, particularly the young people, it may seem I come from a faraway land from a long time ago. Young friends, you may not be taken away at gunpoint, as I was for staying true to my conscience, but there are many other ways to take you away and to imprison your […]

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You get the Government you Deserve America

by Kimberly Morin May 6, 2016

  Who would have ever thought the two presumptive nominees for a Presidential election would be Hillary Clinton, the most corrupt politician in United States history and Donald Trump, a reality television chump who bloviates bullsh*t on a regular basis?

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On The Middle East and America – What isn’t Getting Any Attention?

by Steve MacDonald April 9, 2016
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Avi Melamed is an expert on the Middle East so I asked him “What is the most important story, related our relationship with the Middle East, that isn’t getting any attention?” Listen to his answer. (Audio – 1 min. 44 sec) You can hear our entire interview with Avi here, starting around the 80 minute mark. […]

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BREAKING: Justice Scalia has Died

by Kimberly Morin February 13, 2016

It’s a sad day for the Constitution today and for the country.

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Why NH Should Vote for Ted Cruz and not Donald Trump

by Steve MacDonald February 7, 2016
Thumbnail image for Why NH Should Vote for Ted Cruz and not Donald Trump

Ted Cruz knows that you are the best hope for saving America. But to do that you need a president willing to get the government out of the way so that you can. “… just like the left, Donald Trump’s solutions are all built on the “smarts” of certain gifted people and then empowering those […]

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Manufacturing in America…

by Scott Morales December 21, 2015

21st century edition.  Check out the Tesla manufacturing plant in Fremont, CA.  Impressive stuff. h/t my inbox

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GrokTALK! Trevor Loudon – Please Save America

by Steve MacDonald October 12, 2015
Thumbnail image for GrokTALK!  Trevor Loudon – Please Save America

Trevor Louden, speaking from the podium at the RLC convention, explains why he believes the next election is the last chance Republicans have to save America. He talks about why the GOP needs evangelicals to win, the consequence of a Democrat victory, and who might be on a Republican dream cabinet. You can hear our […]

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Palate Cleanser? – Isn’t It Just Grande’

by Steve MacDonald July 9, 2015
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Ariana licks donuts and hates American and apologizes, sort of or something, but some folks aren’t buying it. No one is fooled by your pretend intentions. We know you weren’t thinking of the childhood obesity epidemic when you decided to lick a donut and not pay for it.

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What Makes America Different?

by Steve MacDonald July 1, 2015
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“Is America really that great? Or is the United States just like any other nation? Outsiders tend to be the best judge of character, and Nick Adams, a best-selling Australian author and political commentator, gives an outsider’s view of the USA.”  

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Al Jazeera America – “We manage our words carefully around here”

by Steve MacDonald January 29, 2015
Thumbnail image for Al Jazeera America – “We manage our words carefully around here”

I assume it is still OK to say  Allahu akbar!? From: Carlos Van Meek  Sent: Tuesday, January 27, 2015 10:06 AM To: AJE-Newsdesk; AJE-Output; AJE-DC-Newsroom Subject: Terrorists, Militants, Fighters and then some…    All: We manage our words carefully around here. So I’d like to bring to your attention some key words that have a tendency of tripping us […]

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What Democrats Have Done

by Steve MacDonald October 22, 2014
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When people who politicize everything in the pursuit of power spend twenty-trillion of someone elses dollars in just a few years, well that buys a lot of something, and where Democrats are concerned it is called progress.  No, it wasn’t for science, or bridges, or good paying Middle Class jobs,* or equality, or security, prosperity, […]

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“America” – the trailer; America’s haters in their own words

by Skip April 29, 2014

The film, D’Souza says, seeks to “answer the central moral challenge of America’s critics, which is that America’s greatness is based on theft, plunder and oppression.” Which, I believe, includes Obama – why else does he go around the world apologizing to them for the actions of the US?  Why else would he have said, […]

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