What You Didn’t Know About National Defense, Obama, and

by Steve MacDonald August 8, 2018

Maybe you know this; perhaps you do not. But before Mr. Obama retired from the Oval Office, he had a deal cooking to give a sole-source one-vendor contract to manage and control the entire US Defense Department Cloud. One ring to rule them all. No redundancy. No backups. Just Amazon. Arranged by a guy named Deap Ubhi, […]

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Seattle Passes ‘Head-Count’ Tax On Job Creators

by Steve MacDonald May 17, 2018

Back in March Skip reported on a discussion underway in the city that never stops taxing, Seattle. The city council debate over a new tax based on how many people a company employs. At the time the issue was not so much if but how. The “how” has been decided and their latest act of plunder approved. […]

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Amazon Looks at Controlling “Last Mile” Delivery to Protect Brand

by Steve MacDonald October 5, 2017

Amazon Prime users pay for a lot of privileges that pay for themselves, especially around the Gift Giving Season. Sure, I like the millions of songs, the streaming television, free reads and loads of other goodies, but what drew me in was free two-day delivery. It’s a premium service that can save you hundreds if […]

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Notable Quote – Andrew Wilson

by Skip October 1, 2017

In part, on the false “multiplier” effect that Govt programs supposedly have: In any auction, the winning bidder may pay more for something than it is worth. That is especially the case in this kind of auction — in which government entities compete with one another in offering tax breaks to a rent-seeking corporation (i.e., one looking […]

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Whole Foods Lowers Prices: Commits Treason Against Pretentious Foodies

by Steve MacDonald September 3, 2017

Chicago Trib Reporter Rex Huppke has some fun at the expense of the stereotypical Whole Foods Cultist. The beef? Amazon is lowering prices. Good grief. Now eating ground beef that has been animal-welfare-rated won’t seem so special. And the days of silently mocking people who eat irresponsibly-farmed salmon are over, all thanks to a corporate […]

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Got EBT? You get Amazon Prime for half of what I pay.

by Skip June 6, 2017

TMEW has a Prime account – I know because I pay the bill for it.  That’s fine, as she’s been getting quite a number of educational toys for the Grandson.  But we pay full boat and we are loyal customers.  But now, somebody else gets a cut rate? People who receive government assistance are now eligible […]

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Data Point – If you had only invested in Amazon…

by Skip May 15, 2017

“One thousand dollars invested at the closing price on Amazon’s IPO day would be worth over $491,000 on Monday, based on the stock’s price in early trading.” (H/T: Business Insider)

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Pine Tree Ramblings (Vol 2)

by Tom March 23, 2017

Branch-1 Almost prophetically, Ol’ Remus said this on Tuesday in his Woodpile Report, the day before yesterday’s terror attack in downtown London: “No one dares to even think “make Germany great again” or “UK UK UK” or “France first”. Europe remains defeated in mind and spirit [as a result of WWI and WWII]. Does anyone imagine […]

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Binge Watching – Bosch

by Steve MacDonald August 12, 2016
Thumbnail image for Binge Watching – Bosch

I am still working my way through the last two seasons of The Wire but I’ve deviated into a few other shows that are excellent. Mr. Robot. Amazon’s The Man in the High Castle . And this week I polished off the first season of another Amazon original series, Bosch. Titus Welliver is Hyronimous “Harry” Bosch. He’s a Homicide detective in […]

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Fergus Cullen Wrote a Book And I bet it Sucks

by Steve MacDonald December 21, 2015
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Trees were killed unnecessarily to create Fergus Cullen’s doorstop, Granite Steps. It’s an ode to the politics of New Hampshire’s First in the Nation primary as told by the man who bankrupted his own State party and escorted it out of power and in to obscurity. No, I have not read it. If I found […]

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I look forward to Christmas every day!

by Skip January 19, 2014

Is Amazon trying to be the first to implement the retailing version of “The Minority Report” (emphasis mine, reformatted)?: Amazon is watching you and shipping your next package…even if you didn’t order it. The Seattle, Washington retailer has just obtained a patent that they call “anticipatory shipping,” which targets customers based on their historical shopping […]

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Late arrivals? Of course, a Democrat US Senator threatens even more legislation

by Skip December 28, 2013

Of COURSE, once the news that UPS and Fedex missed some deliveries, I knew it was only a little bit of time before some Self-important CongressTwit and SenaBoob was going to insert themselves into this situation, given that it was Christmas and Capitalism.  From the various news reports, it seems that some retailers and the […]

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Blogline of the Day – of drones and websites

by Skip December 4, 2013

“Obama has a web site that doesn’t work and drones that kill people. Amazon has a functioning web site and drones that deliver gifts.”   (H/T: Instapundit)

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The 12-Step Guide for the Recovering Obama Voter

by Steve MacDonald September 21, 2012

This might come in handy for the trolls and lurkers. Click the cover to visit Amazon’s page or to order the book. Amazon’s Book Description is on the Jump

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By the ways, we’ve become an Amazon Affiliate.

by Skip May 20, 2012

A new feature on GraniteGrok is that we’ve just become an affiliate of Amazon. That means that if you normally shop at Amazon and you go there by using the widget that’s now on our Right Sidebar (or below in this post) AND buy something, the ‘Grok gets a bit of a reward for directing […]

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