NH State Senator Dave Boutin: “…could not say whether he was intoxicated at the time”. Seriously??

by Skip August 13, 2014

Seriously – you watched the video and you can’t tell if you are plastered or not?  True, the first one, maybe not so much.  Second one – dude, you are seriously spinning (and it is SO obvious!) while praying to the political Gods (“Oh God, I promise, promise, promise that alcohol never touch my lips […]

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Part 2 – NH State Senator Dave Boutin: “Will you stop? Will you let him go? Will you stop?”

by Skip August 12, 2014

“Will you stop?  Will you let him go?  Will you stop?” Those of the words of a patron of a bar beseeching NH State Senator Dave Boutin to stop his drunken rantings over nothing.  It gets worse – NSFW (Not Safe For Work) – Play the video away from young / impressionable children and don’t […]

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Part 1 – NH State Senator Dave Boutin: “They should have shut him off 3 hours ago!”

by Skip August 11, 2014

Part 1.  Judgment time.  The question is, was this good judgment on the part by one of the most powerful elected officials in NH – haranguing other people in a bar simply because he didn’t have the judgment to shut himself off?  In fact, you can hear someone in the video saying exactly that – in […]

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Gun Control is about Obama’s Political Agenda, not Saving Lives

by Don February 12, 2013

President Obama says, “If it only saves one life….” Then he promotes gun restrictions that will kill more law abiding Americans than they save. If it were really his goal, President Obama could do many things that actually save lives. Closing the border and removing the incentives for people to come or stay here illegally […]

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The Push For More Taxes On Adult Beverages Continues…

by Steve MacDonald January 25, 2013

Tym Rourke, the person  most likely to coordinate the spending of the tax money, is advocating for more revenue, so that he might–we can only assume–help spend it. Rourke is the Chairman of the Governors Commission on Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Prevention, Intervention and Treatment in New Hampshire, and he insists that because New […]

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How About a Cocktail Tax?

by Steve MacDonald January 19, 2013

A social services advocacy group called New Futures recently promoted a study that suggested a cost recovery tax per drink on all cocktails in New Hampshire.  They (or the study they promoted) claim that excessive drinking costs the state as much as 1.15 billion per year.  The tax could/would, help offset those costs. New Hampshire […]

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Drinking At Dartmouth

by Steve MacDonald December 4, 2010

Jim Yong Kim, the president of Dartmouth College in New Hampshire, agrees that Dartmouth has a drinking problem, but that prosecuting underage drinkers is not the answer, Melanie Plenda reports in today’s Union Leader.

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