Al Gore

Climate Totalitarian, Al Gore.

by Steve MacDonald October 14, 2017

Climate Totalitarianism might be when the false notion that science can ever “be settled” in the first place becomes, well, this. Al Gore recently had a telling altercation with a journalist. The Spectator’s Ross Clark wanted to ask him about Miami sea-level rises suggested in the new film, “An Inconvenient Sequel.” The reporter started to explain […]

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Stopped clock, Greenie style

by Skip September 10, 2017

(H/T: Instapundit)

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The most hypocritical man in the world?

by Skip August 5, 2017

(H/T: Powerline)

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More Proof Al Gore Didn’t Invent the Internet

by Steve MacDonald April 4, 2017

Tim Berners-Lee (Sir Timothy John Berners-Lee) has received the computing’s version of the Nobel Prize, the A.M. Turing Award, for inventing the internet. World Wide Web pioneer Tim Berners-Lee just chalked up another accolade, and it’s one of his greatest yet. The Association for Computing Machinery has given him the 2016 Turing Award, frequently considered the […]

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Inconvenient Question: Gore asked about failed ’10-year tipping’ point

by Skip January 23, 2017

Heh!  Well, what would you do if confronted about your absolutely insane climate prediction (as it seems like, as with Obama’s campaign promises, its expiration date has now come and gone): …Refuses to answer, enters SUV in snow Hahahaha! Climate Depot’s undercover agent caught up with Gore on Saturday January 21 at Sundance film festival […]

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Idiot Kerry Didn’t Consult with Idiot Gore

by Steve MacDonald September 30, 2016
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Not long ago Secretary of State John Kerry told us that Air conditioning was a bigger threat to the world than ISIS. I’m guessing Idiot Kerry failed to confer with Idiot Gore before making this claim. You see, Idiot Gore’s “invention” (the Internet) requires computers and servers (wiping cloth sold separately) that cannot function unless they […]

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Green 20 Gets A Congressional Committee ‘Shot Across The Bow’

by Steve MacDonald May 19, 2016
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The Green 20, seventeen state’s attorneys general and eight environmental groups (17+8=20?) received letters from 13 Science, Space, and Technology Committee Republicans (13=13), concerned that the legal intimidation tactics of the Green 20 (+5) might be violating citizen’s first amendment rights. The letters request documents related to the groups’ coordinated efforts to deprive companies, nonprofit organizations, scientists […]

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Memory Lane: British Court Flags Al Gore Documentary as “Alarmist and Exaggerated”

by Steve MacDonald April 5, 2016
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Back in 2007 Britain ruled Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth unfit for viewing by students in British Schools. Long story short, its claims were rubbish (and still are). Political brain washing with partisan political views. The movie could not be shown without preface; a list of clarifications regarding some of its wild and unscientific claims. Nine […]

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Paging Algore – Your Hoax Is Up!

by Mike January 27, 2016

Ten years ago today, the Gore-acle boldly claimed that we had ten years left to save the Earth from burning up. Rush Limbaugh kept the score with a countdown to Gore-mageddon. And now, the grand finale!

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The End Of The World Is Near

by Steve MacDonald January 4, 2016
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Ten years ago the Goreacle predicted the point of no return. Was he referring to a Clinton Presidency after an Obama presidency? No, he was talking about Global Warming… CBS News | Americans have been hearing it for decades, wavering between belief and skepticism that it all may just be a natural part of Earth’s […]

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Are the Democrats [Socialists, really] all about redistribution?

by Skip December 19, 2015

That’s what Steve and I yakked about during the GrokTALK! preshow this morning about this: BREAKING. The DNC Goes To War Against Bernie Sanders And Vice Versa Hillary Clinton disturbed to find information on an unsecured server can be stolen Well, well – just like the hypocrites they are – it doesn’t matter if it […]

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Yes folks, they really believed this prediction

by Skip September 15, 2015

After all, didn’t he win a Nobel Prize for stuff like this? Er, did it actually happen?  No, of course not…but he’s gotten rich by selling “climate change indulgences”, hasn’t he? (H/T: Liberal Logic 101)

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Rumor: Another Old Candidate Thinking of Crashing Dem 2016 Geriatric Ball

by Scott Morales August 14, 2015

The geriatric party is just getting more  Since the canonized sexagenerian (easy there, former President Clinton!), who currently finds herself behind their septuagenarian in beautiful ol’ New Hampshire,  is also having predictable trouble with both the truth and technology (email and servers in particular) that may land her behind bars, others are speeding trundling […]

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North Korea Wins #EarthHour Again

by Steve MacDonald March 29, 2015
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Earth Hour was last night?  Yes it was.  So if you forgot to turn all your stuff off and sit in the dark for an hour don’t worry.  You can’t compete with North Korea.  They win every year. As a country that should, for all intents and geo-political purposes have access to the same sorts […]

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The Left – “disagree with us and you should be PUNISHED!”

by Skip March 18, 2015

And they are not kidding.  We have written about this before – upon hearing ANY kind of disagreement from anyone, they immediately run, not to confront the issue, but to denounce, demonize, and delegitimize that person.  And then they call for banishment.  No, there is no discussion, no debate on the points – they simply […]

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Genderless Gingerbread Figures? Happy Holidays!

by Steve MacDonald October 24, 2014
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NRO A deli in Melbourne, Australia is apparently selling genderless, organic, vegan gingerbread cookies for those who may be offended by the phrase “gingerbread man.” A picture of the quintessential Christmas cookie next to a sign that reads “organic, genderless gingerbread figures” and “vegan” was posted on Reddit this week. The ‘Great taste’ of forced […]

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Al Gore – Being Wrong About Everything Makes it So Right

by Steve MacDonald September 19, 2014
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Democrats continue to cling to their global warming scheme despite none of their models being anywhere near correct, and not one of their cataclysmic predictions coming true.  Case in point. Al Gore in 2012: “Scientists expected that as climate change accelerated, Antarctica would be one of the fastest warming areas of the planet. This prediction […]

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What If The UN Held A Climate Summit And Nobody Came…

by Steve MacDonald September 16, 2014
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From WUWT Eric Worrall writes: The imminent climate summit in New York is rapidly turning into an utter embarrassment for President Obama and UN Secretary General Bank Ki-Moon, in addition to becoming a bit of a punishment round for national deputy leaders. The leaders of Australia, Germany, China, India, and even Canada (so far) are […]

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Al Gore – Could Be More Wrong – But Not By Much

by Steve MacDonald September 10, 2014
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Al Gore the quintessential hyperbolic Democrat fear-monger was so wrong about (this prediction 7 years ago) it is hard to be more wrong; and yet the people in the ‘smart party’ still worship revere him as a global warming shaman  scientific expert   on a subject he has yet to be right about but has […]

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Rich White Guy From Tennessee Says Africans Need Their Fertility Managed

by Steve MacDonald April 27, 2014
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Democrat Al Gore made himself newsworthy (without making any news) back in January, but in the context of recent remarks by Democrat Donald Sterling, we should revisit them. Speaking at the World Economic Forum in Davos last week, former vice president Al Gore asserted that it’s crucial for global philanthropists to impose “fertility management” on […]

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Large Bovine Herds Responsible for Medieval Global Warming

by Scott Morales December 15, 2013
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Okay, that’s not true. Nobody’s making that claim , at least not yet. But I expect something just as ridiculous will spurt forth from the warm mongers to explain away the Swedish study that found that the Earth was warmer during the Roman and Medieval periods. It’s tough these days to be a warm-monger- sky-is-melting-climate-alarmist. […]

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Blogline of the Day – the Al Gore effect

by Skip December 15, 2013

Instapundit: #NARRATIVEFAIL: Five Years Ago Today: Al Gore Predicted the North Pole Will Be Ice Free in 5 Years… And Grokster Mike (and Steve) brought us news that it had snowed in Egypt.  As I write this, I have 4″ already of an 8-14″ snowstorm that is now blanketing New Hampshire.  15 years of no […]

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Was Al Gore Anywhere Near South Dakota Last Weekend?

by Steve MacDonald October 10, 2013
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Four people died.  An estimated 75,000 cattle were killed.  Records were broken.   Sounds like an environmental disaster. And it was only a few days ago.  You didn’t hear? One would think the death of 75,000 cows by upwards of five feet of snow might get some national attention, but as one blogger observed, it has […]

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Michael Barone – On Faith and Global Warming

by Steve MacDonald September 26, 2013
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Michael Barone has a piece in the Washington Examiner whose thrust is to address the UN panels historic downgrading of past apocalyptic rhetoric regarding mans so-called impact on global climate.  We’ve apparently been given a 17 year waiver from the universe, something the ‘war’mists call a pause, a pause that conservatives note better explains the […]

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Duped College Kid Plans 40 Day Expedition to South Pole To Increase Awareness of….Climate Change

by Steve MacDonald September 25, 2013
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Let me be clear.  I think it is awesome that this kid wants to break a record and increase ‘awareness” and I think we need more of these adventurous sorts in every age group, but will he be increasing awareness of his preconceived notions about the climate or educating us on how what he sees […]

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Oh Look! A Cooling Trend

by Steve MacDonald August 30, 2013
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This was compiled using global satellite data.  No heat islands.  Best gauge of global temperature trends over long periods of time.  The longest trend (purple) is flat.  The last full decade (green) flat with a slight drop near 2010.  The last ten consecutive years (blue) are in decline.   And it is no coincidence that this […]

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Later This Week When It Warms Up…

by Steve MacDonald May 27, 2013

By the end of this week New England will be back to being warm again.  When that happens, I’d like all the climate denier-deniers to remember that yesterday parts of the North East got three feet of snow.  That Alaska is having a winter several weeks longer than average.  That nationally, temperatures are down.  That […]

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Pro-Global Warming Climate-Change Flat-Earthers Busted for Lying….AGAIN!

by Steve MacDonald April 4, 2013

The Climate Flat-Earthers, the warming zealots who refuse to acknowledge any observation that contradicts the dogma of their pseudo-scientific faith,  were recently busted again.  This time it was Shaun Marcott who lied, accepted accolades for his lie, promoted the lie, and after getting caught backed off quietly, knowing that the same media that over-sold his […]

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Al Gore, Sinister Trendmonger

by Scott Morales February 8, 2013

I’ve been contaminated by the Hillary quip from a few weeks back and am guilty of tossing too much lefty behavior into the “who gives a crap” bucket where upon further inspection it’s just their ideology on display. Al Gore was in Concord, New Hampshire the other day punishing the ears of those sensitive to […]

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A Kool Aid Drinker By Any Other Name…(Or Should I say Another Name?)

by Steve MacDonald January 21, 2013

For a very long time now anyone who was all in for some idea, particularly the more wacky–OK, insane– ideas, was said to have drank the Kool Aid®.   This phrase derives from Jim Jones and his People’s Temple, who were denied exile in Russia from their paranoid-delusional self-imposed exile on an “agricultural mission” in the […]

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