The Bryonic Notion of Injustice, A Superior Sensibility, and Moral Authority

by Steve MacDonald July 16, 2017

Theodore Dalrymple, in the course of observations about the modern human demand for incompatible desires, wrote, …, she had a Byronic notion of the disease, a romantic conception of it as a badge of superior sensibility, which is to say that those who suffered from it were in some way morally superior to those who […]

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51 Arab Countries Block LGBT Groups From UN Conference on AIDS

by Steve MacDonald May 23, 2016
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How long do we have to wait for the outrage parade…governors of US States who block travel to these 51 Muslim countries and refuse to do business with them (and the UN), etc and so on and so forth? We’ll have to wait forever, actually. The progressives don’t give a damn about the LGBT Community. […]

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ISIS is in Canada…

by Steve MacDonald November 29, 2015

ISIS is…an immigration settlement service in Canada. (Worst luck since Ayds diet candy– and appetite suppressant–was driven off the shelf by A.I.D.S. in the 80’s?)   Or, a convenient coincidence?

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Obama’s Executive Order: er, you’re missing the most important element

by Skip July 15, 2013

As an engineer, I am trained not to treat a symptom of something that has gone wrong – the real job is to find and correct the root problem, that ‘disease’ that causes the symptom to show up in the first place.  Often, in what can be complicated systems, the symptoms show up in a […]

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Lube Job Redux

by Steve MacDonald January 8, 2011

It’s been fun to watch the Soap Opera unfold after AIDS Services got caught up in a kerfuffle over ‘sex kits’ distributed at Monadnock High School. Everyone went into CYA mode as what seemed like a perfectly normal activity for progreeive thinkers, hiding behind the AIDS quilt to advocate irresponsible underage sex, met the reality of public outrage.

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Lube Job

by Steve MacDonald January 5, 2011

After a presentation at a local High School they offered ‘safe sex kits’ to students. The distribution approved by the school’s administration stopped after learning that flavored lubricant and candy were included with the condoms that are—dare I say traditionally?—handed out.

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