Blogline of the Day – what, ONLY the AFL-CIO??

by Skip May 17, 2017

The AFL-CIO exists to launder union dues into the campaign war chests of the Democratic Party. We call the MSM “Democrats with bylines”.  Unions are “Democrats sucking up other peoples’ money” (H/T: Instapundit)

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Press Release – AFP/NH: Comments on Rally by Union Bosses to Hike Minimum Wage by 40%

by Skip December 5, 2013

Note: I went to the Gilford / Laconia / Tilton fast food outlets at lunch time – specifically to see if some of the busier places were getting “striked”,  However, nary a protest sign to be seen.  Just workers working away to provide their CUSTOMERS the best product available.  And that’s something that the Unions […]

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Longshoreman Quit AFL-CIO over Democrat Care and Taxes

by Steve MacDonald September 2, 2013
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Some 40,000 longshoreman, the ILWU, have just quit the AFL-CIO.  They are pissed off and think the leadership screwed them by bowing to politIcal pressure to support the Patient Affordable Care legislation and everything that went with it, including the taxing of benefits. So they are taking their toys and “going home.”  ILWU will run […]

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Taxpayers 1, Unions 0

by Susan Olsen May 29, 2013

From this mornings Concord fish wrap: Bow police disband collective bargaining unit

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To New Hampshire Democrat Aaron Gill – About That ‘Free From Out Of State Influence’ Thing…

by Steve MacDonald October 12, 2012

This makes an excellent followup to what Skip just wrote about the DLCC endorsing a local New Hampshire Democrat. Speaking about New Hampshire legislators that same Democrat candidate, Aaron Gill (Hillsborough 39) writes We expect their personal conduct to reflect the character of New Hampshire citizens, that the work of the people will be conducted […]

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Right Left Divide on The “Knowledge of Wrongdoing.”

by Steve MacDonald August 1, 2012

Democrats and the media are all uppity about a Romney staffer yelling at the press.  I guess this is the next ‘Waterloo’ for the Romney campaign.  The fifth or sixth or fiftieth beginning-of-the-end for the GOP (presumptive) nominee.  Clearly a guy with a staffer who would insult the media is unfit for public office? Meanwhile, […]

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First it didn’t work, then it did, then it didn’t….reliable?

by Skip June 16, 2012

Last weekend, I did a couple of forays from the Marriott Downtown where our event was being held over to the RI Convention Center where the NetRoots Nation event was being held.  Well, in registering, I got a “SWAG bag” – a canvas tote that was chock-a-block with Progressive “stuff”.  Well, earlier today, I desperately […]

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Republican Defectors

by Steve MacDonald November 30, 2011

Unfortunately for New Hampshire we’ll have to wait until next year to fix the problem of worker choice but in the mean time, we can enjoy the benefit of the roll call vote, posted on the Jump.

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Repost: You Can’t Be A “Republican” And Vote Against Right To Work

by Steve MacDonald November 30, 2011

Supporting forced unionization is the same as supporting mandatory campaign contributions to the Unions and the Democrat party. There is no conceivable way to separate the two. Unions are funded by dues. Democrats receive millions of dollars from unions to promote their agenda. And in some cases to promote it violently.

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SEA Sows The Dissent In Littleton NH – More Proof We Need Right To Work

by Steve MacDonald September 22, 2011

If even one person is forced forced to decide between a job in a union shop and funding their agenda and that of the left, it is one to many. It’s not right, and it runs contrary to the very nature of New Hampshire itself. There is no freedom in forcing tribute or tax for the the sake of employment. New Hampshire Republicans cannot serve two master here.

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I’d Check with Ray or The SEA

by Steve MacDonald September 20, 2011

Tactics are everything for Democrats and nothing is beyond the pale. Just think Project Gunrunner in which a lefGraffitit wing narrative about American guns in the hands of Mexican drug lords is brought to life by the Obama Administration when facts failed to support the desired conclusion. So when I read this report this morning, of racially tinged graffiti painted on several houses in Concord, I got suspicious.

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Harrel Tweets On Right To Work

by Steve MacDonald September 18, 2011

Poor, like rich, is an elastic concept which our friend Harrell and the Demolition party stretch to fit their narrative. It looks at wages but ignores things like cost of living, tax burden and relies entirely on total annual income as an arbitrary line drawn on a national chart, to define poverty, irrelevant of any other factor. But it is these factors that affect wages and as it turns out, states without Right to Work are exponentially more expense places to live and the average wage is grossly inadequate to meet those increased costs of living.

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Out of State Influence Gets ‘Republican’ Kevin Janvrin Elected.

by Steve MacDonald September 10, 2011

Sitting atop their mountains of out of state money thNH Democrats are forever demagoging the issue (of outside influence). So I am waiting patiently for them to denounce the newly elected Republican House Rep from Rockingham county, Kevin Janvrin, who has finance reports just screaming extremist, outside influence.

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Who Is Working America and Why Are They In My Mailbox?

by Steve MacDonald September 6, 2011

Don’t throw away that mailer just yet. They spent a lot of money sending you that postage paid return envelope, and they probably spent a lot of money on the postage. And it would be a shame to waste that per-paid envelope. Maybe you should return those cards like they asked? Maybe let them know what you think?

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