Adam Schiff

Schiff Out Of luck

by Ed Naile February 11, 2018

Long before Donald Trump ran into Adam Schiff, he outclassed another phony, a so-called comedian, posing as a rapper. Trump agreed to sit through an interview with the fake rapper. It did not go well for the guy who thought punking Trump would be easy. If you look at the clip, it took Donald Trump […]

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“Le Mannekin Pis” Adam Schiff, Little Boy Leaker

by Mike February 7, 2018

Adam Schiff has long been suspected of being a leaker from inside confidential House Intel Committee meetings, but this week, Trump called him out, and Ben Garrison took the challenge – behold: However there is a long history of little boys leaking in fountains – behold “Le Mannekin Pis,” a 400 year old bronze statue […]

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Dems: The Russian Bots Are Promoting #ReleaseTheMemo

by Mike January 24, 2018

Fresh off the argument that the American People can’t handle the truth about corruption at the DOJ/FBI, Dems on the Intel committees are claiming that the demand to #ReleaseTheMemo detailing these abuses is ginned up by Russian TwitterBots! A couple of weeks ago DiFi released leaked the sensitive transcript of Glenn Simpson’s (Fusion GPS) testimony […]

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The Schiff Hits The Fan (Ben Garrison Cartoon)

by Mike January 20, 2018

What a Difference 4 pages makes!! As Steve noted yesterday, the FBI/FISA memo which the House Intel Committee wants to make public, means ruination for top DOJ/FBI/Dem personnel, which is why ‘Pencil Neck’ Schiff is so keen to stop it. Enjoy Ben Garrison’s take: Here’s a part of Ben’s blog post on the topic: Adam […]

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