“Critical Thinking”? More like “Simplistic Whining”?

by Skip March 25, 2017

This from the last of a post (“Why College Graduates Can’t Think”) sums up a lot: More to the point, that explains why employers keep complaining that college graduates can’t think. They’re not being taught to think. They’re being taught, in too many of their courses, to “oppose existing systems”—without regard for any objective appraisal […]

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Frankly, they’re ALL daft and all too concerned with making victim of themselves

by Skip March 31, 2016

I don’t write much about the loonyness that is going on in the Ivory Tower (Ground Zero for the stupidity that is known as Political Correctness) – it just gets too bizarre that these precious snowflakes that seemingly haven’t had to work a second in their lives and pay taxes are all up in arms […]

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And you wonder why your kids talk like Bernie Sanders when they come home from college?

by Skip January 7, 2016

Because their professors ARE Bernie Sanders, the openly Socialist running for President in the [Socialist] Democrat Party: (H/T: Instapundit)  

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‘Let’s Destroy Liberal Academia’

by Steve MacDonald March 5, 2015
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If you had not figured it out yet, the Government takeover of Student loans was both a sop and to control and protect the redistribution of billions nationally and annually.   To enrich an army of left-wing intellectual moon-bats, legitimize dopey progressive ideas with federal grants, and to recycle taxpayer backed dollars through the white tower […]

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The Indoctrination Of Academia And Another Poignant Reminder

by Rick Olson November 16, 2013

“The very power of [textbook writers] depends on the fact that they are dealing with a boy: a boy who thinks he is ‘doing’ his ‘English prep’ and has no notion that ethics, theology, and politics are all at stake. It is not a theory they put into his mind, but an assumption, which ten […]

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Disarming America, Moving Toward Tyranny?

by Rick Olson January 7, 2013

“People love conspiracy theories.” —Neil Armstrong Not so much. Yes…The internet is awash with all sorts of conspiracy theories that spin tales of how the government is going to disarm the populace and tyranny shall rule the day. A considerable amount of what is out there amount to no more than “Tin-foiled hat-wearing” doomsayers who probably […]

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What is it with Professors Believing they are Arrogant Kings of their Classrooms?

by Skip August 31, 2012

Professors – what is it that convinces them that just because they are smart in their small “micro-field”, that expertise automatically  transfers to them the right to supercede the Rule of Law?  I’ve already had one run-in with a local professor: Bad laws are required to be broken by people of conscience and my conscience […]

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If s/he does want to be referred to as a “he” or a “she”, is this a case of too much watching of “The Munsters”?

by Skip July 6, 2012

Is this the point at which the LGBT<XYZ> movement jumps the shark?  From The Corner (Mark Steyn): George Leef over at NRO’s PhiBetaCons had a teasing link to this exciting news earlier today: Harvard has appointed Vanidy “Van” Bailey as the College’s first permanent director of bisexual, gay, lesbian, transgender, and queer student life. Bailey, […]

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