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Podcasting on GraniteGrok is Back

by Steve MacDonald February 5, 2018

We are happy to announce a return to GrokTalk!, New Hampshire’s only Conservative podcast from New Hampshire’s leading conservative blog site. (etc.) Segments will be posted Monday through Friday, and each audio file will be ten minutes or less. Today’s segment is as much an equipment and editing test as anything in which I talk […]

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New Hampshire’s Out-of-State-Tuition Paying Matriculating Morons

by Steve MacDonald September 13, 2017

One of the imagined hardships of being a voting age progressive social justice warrior marooned on a New Hampshire college campus is that your rights are continually being suppressed. Every election season out-of-state-tuition paying matriculators are told by New Hampshire Democrats that they can vote in New Hampshire, while Republicans in the Granite State think […]

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We will have fair elections, or they will be a Third World sham

by Ed Naile September 1, 2017

I just got back last night from San Francisco – yeah, that one, where I was a speaker at what could best be described as the first time East Coast and West Coast voter integrity organizations got together. There is a video in the works for distribution to as many outlets as possible. When it […]

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As Good A Time As Any To Warn You About This Kind Of Vote Fraud

by Steve MacDonald September 6, 2013
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The Union Leader is reporting that while in college in Colorado, Sebastian Bradley, son of New Hampshire Republican Jeb Bradley, voted in Colorado–where he was attending College, and also voted absentee in New Hampshire. If it is true he needs to suffer for that.  We’ve made it clear that we have zero tolerance for this […]

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We don’t need no stinking IDs – Part Deux

by Susan Olsen June 2, 2013

He’s shocked, I tell you, SHOCKED! !  

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A Note On Absentee Ballots and Right to Know

by Steve MacDonald November 20, 2012

New Hampshire’s Right to know Law, often referred to as 91-a, prohibits state and local officials from hiding ‘public’ documents.  And while some parts of the bureaucratic machine are happy to give you what you request in a timely and even pleasant manner, others who can’t (or don’t want) be bothered by you pesky citizens […]

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