IRS Scandal: TEA Party, Constitutionalists, 9/12ers, Romney donors – but they added this group to the audit list?

by Skip May 22, 2013

Over the last couple of weeks, we have seen a litany of the groups that have been targeted by the IRS simply because they are opposed to: Obama’s policies and Presidency a large governmental bureaucracy that continues to insert itself into more and more simply by dint of regulation (in addition to “enabling” legislation) The […]

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Gun Control is about Obama’s Political Agenda, not Saving Lives

by Don February 12, 2013

President Obama says, “If it only saves one life….” Then he promotes gun restrictions that will kill more law abiding Americans than they save. If it were really his goal, President Obama could do many things that actually save lives. Closing the border and removing the incentives for people to come or stay here illegally […]

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A Cure For The Common Cold?

by Steve MacDonald February 14, 2012

My wife had the flu the other day.  It really knocked her out.  She had the whole boat, sinus congestion, coughing, head aches, exhaustion, she was even having a hard time sleeping.   So I got her some condoms. That didn’t work.  I have to admit I was a bit surprised.  According to the TV contraception […]

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Meet Bob “Bathroom Bill” Perry (Reprise)

by Steve MacDonald August 8, 2011

So if you’re interested in more unaccountable government, a debt spending state legislature, balloon bills, regulatory restrictions that scare off jobs, late night taxes passed without one single hearing, and an endless string …half-witted, poorly thought out mandates like the one that could have turned every ladies locker-room or public bathroom into a drive thru for every drunk guy, horny adolescent, or sex offender who has suddenly felt the need to get in touch with their feminine side (or your wives or daughters), then you want Bob Perry.

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