Dr. Betsy McCaughey nails Supreme Court Justice Kagan

by Skip March 30, 2014

Bravo (or do I have to be PC / Spanish correct and go Brava?)!  ‘Grok friend Betsy McCaughey is one of our favorites – former Lt. Gov. of New York, Constitutional Scholar, and one of the nation’s premier experts on Obamacare.  She goes all around the country on speaking engagements, is on the radio, a […]

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This Week – Liberal tries to defend the anti-religious HHS mandate by using religion (or something)

by Skip March 24, 2014

I really can’t get my head around what or how US Congressman Keith Ellison (R-MN)  said on “This Week with George Stephanopoulos” (yeah, I watch the Sunday talking head programs, mostly, so you don’t have to) about the HHS Mandate and religion.  It is clear that he believes that Government should be able to control […]

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Once again, we see the Republicans just ducky for moderate candidates

by Skip March 23, 2014

This morning’s CloseUP program’s first segment had NHDP Chair “Buckles” and Republican “strategist” Tom Rath.  The latter had this to say about Scott Brown entering the NH Senatorial campaign: Of course, the President of the United states has described him as a moderate so that’s something that’s pretty good for us I dryly note that […]

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Democrat values: Pets are worth more than unborn babies

by Skip March 21, 2014

First this: the Democrats in the House are all about protecting dogs (emphasis mine, reformatted): The New Hampshire House passed a bill to include household pets in orders protecting victims of domestic violence.  The bill expands the orders to include pets in cases involving stalking and domestic violence. The bill would allow judges to grant […]

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Guest Post by NH State Rep. Jane Cormier: “Have We Lost All Sanity?”

by Skip March 21, 2014

Have We Lost All Sanity?  I’ll bet you didn’t know NH now offers animals/pets rights to protection under domestic violence. Yes, that is right. PETS now have legislated rights under HB1410. Never mind that cruelty to animals is already a crime on the books. Animals now deserve rights analogous to human beings. Now, speed ahead […]

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Planned Parenthood Wants To Unseat A Pennsylvania Democrat

by Steve MacDonald March 21, 2014
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Why would planned Parenthood want to unseat a Democrat State legislator whom they endorsed in 2010?  The legislator is Democrat Margo Davidson.  Margo’s cousin is Semika Shaw.  Shaw is the woman who died as a result of the ministrations of one Kermit Gosnell. Davidson supported legislation in Pennsylvania that would bring abortion clinics in line […]

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Three Questions: For Anyone who Supports Obama, Man-Made Global Warming, or Abortion.

by Steve MacDonald February 21, 2014
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1) Does President Obama represent your values? 2) Is there anything that could disprove global warming and if so what? 3) If your mother had aborted you immediately after conception (or any point thereafter), you would have been denied every day from that day to this; how is that not “a life?”

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Data Point – A culture of Black Death

by Skip February 20, 2014

Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood and hater of blacks, would be proud. US Senator Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH), too. from NYC 2012 stats: Black babies born alive: 24,758 Black babies killed via abortion: 31,328 A throw away culture – a segregationist’s delight if the words of Margaret Sanger are to be believed.  Let me paraphrase: […]

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Wendy Davis Knocks Herself Off The Top of Abortion Mountain

by Steve MacDonald February 12, 2014

I have a good reason for following the political journey of Davis.  She was lifted up by the left on to a mountain of aborted babies, and surrounded by adoring progressives who wanted to stand with her based on their perception of her–for lack of a better word–principles. As the newly appointed demi-goddess of late […]

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HB 1503 – Do Women Deserve the Same ‘Right’ When They Choose To Have The Baby?

by Steve MacDonald February 11, 2014

Most Democrats won’t give up abortion for anything.  They wouldn’t even trade it for an end to capital punishment. Democrats try to pass legislation making it difficult to protest abortion, even though the right to protest–organizing to protest–is the foundation of every left wing change movement. But NH HB 1503 doesn’t say anything about abortion.  […]

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Wendy Davis Campaign Aborts Texas Media

by Steve MacDonald January 31, 2014

I think we all know how ‘sensitive’ New Hampshire Democrats get when you start playing games with ‘press access.’  So I wonder what their thoughts are with regard to  what their Abortion Goddess Wendy Davis just did in Travis County, Texas. The Travis County Democratic Party held a fundraiser with Wendy Davis on Tuesday, and […]

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Sums it up

by Susan Olsen January 22, 2014


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Tell Me One More Time… When Does Life Begin?

by Steve MacDonald January 19, 2014
Thumbnail image for Tell Me One More Time…  When Does Life Begin?

If every woman exercised the “right” to have an abortion, what would happen?  Our species would cease to exist.  Our life would end on this planet.  There would be no more people.  No more human life. And it wouldn’t make any difference if these abortions occurred at 20 weeks, 10 weeks, “the day after” with […]

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Well, US Supremes Chief Roberts has already shown us the answer!

by Skip January 19, 2014

Emphasis mine: A federal judge in North Carolina says a state law requiring women who want an abortion to have an ultrasound and then have a medical provider describe the image to them is a violation of constitutional free-speech rights.  U.S. District Judge Catherine Eagles ruled Friday that states don’t have the power to force […]

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On the day that the NH held it’s March for Life rally

by Skip January 18, 2014

Isn’t it time to start concentrating on the larger threat to life – the killing of unborn children?  Leftists are all about eliminating all kinds of risky behaviors (at least to them) under the rubric of If it only saves one life!”, yet throws whatever shred of decency (and its utter hypocrisy) into the same […]

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Pro Choice? Choice? Really? Well, Here’s Your Chance To Prove it!

by Steve MacDonald January 6, 2014
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When Democrats say they are ‘Pro-Choice’ what they mean is defending a woman’s “right” to have an abortion.  That’s the choice. They have no interest in funding abstinence programs, so sex seems inevitable.  Sex, no matter how much taxpayer funded contraception you provide, will always result in more unwanted or accidental pregnancies than not having […]

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GrokTALK! with NH House Rep Leon Rideout

by Steve MacDonald December 25, 2013
Thumbnail image for GrokTALK! with NH House Rep Leon Rideout

NH Republican State Rep Leon Rideout spent some time with us discussing his new NH bill dealing with the of killing of an unborn child during the committing of a crime. He talks about how this stemmed “out of the personal” as he lost his unborn grandson from a driver that ran into his daughter’s […]

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Left in Extremis

by Steve MacDonald December 21, 2013
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Democrats make emotional proclamations about who hold views outside the mainstream of American thought.  (Hint – it is always those who pose any threat to their political power.)  If you do not agree with them you are an extremist and having a majority control of the media and entertainment allows them to get away with […]

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Personal Responsibility v. Abortion Pop Quiz – Hot Shot!

by Steve MacDonald December 16, 2013
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One of the things that abortion supporters (of every pro-abortion political persuasion) refuse to accept or acknowledge is that the only reason they are even here to support abortion today is because their mom didn’t choose to end their life in the womb when they had the choice. Make all the excuses you want, that […]

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Blogline of the Day – Government allows us to have a conscience?

by Skip December 11, 2013

“If the U.S. government can seize the power to force Christians to act against their consciences, what power can it be denied?”   This is in relationship to the both the employer mandate that forces them provide, in the now mandatory voluntary benefit of health insurance, those items that can lead up to the killing […]

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When is Life?

by Steve MacDonald December 5, 2013
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As Democrats in the US Senate, including NH’s Jeanne Shaheen,  work to deny states the right to decide things about abortion it occurs to me to take a slightly different tack on the issue. Life, if environmentalists (who are overwhelmingly Democrat) are to be believed, is what flourishes through natural mechanisms in the absence of […]

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So Where is NH Senator Jeanne Shaheen on The Federal Effort To Overturn State Laws on Abortion? (Part II)

by Steve MacDonald December 2, 2013
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Senator Shaheen has sided with Kermit Gosnell (and his ilk) as one of several co-sponsors to S.1696, a bill designed to undo by federal fiat any state law that defines when life begins or attempts to regulate the abortion industry or abortion providers.   State’s can’t be trusted.  Only distant Federal ‘experts’ and their bureaucratic minions […]

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So Where is NH Senator Jeanne Shaheen on The Federal Effort To Overturn State Laws on Abortion?

by Steve MacDonald November 13, 2013
Thumbnail image for So Where is NH Senator Jeanne Shaheen on The Federal Effort To Overturn State Laws on Abortion?

I like to ask people who support abortion (under any or all of the euphemisms they employ) how it feels to be a womb survivor? “Must be nice to breathe air so you can drag it across your vocal cords to justify denying that right to others.” That is what this all comes down to.  […]

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Demokrat Dictionary: “Government funded abortion”

by Steve MacDonald November 7, 2013
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Demokrat Dictionary: Government funded abortion: Grave before Cradle Welfare

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DemocratCare- Makes Your Vagina the Government’s Business, By Law.

by Steve MacDonald September 16, 2013
Thumbnail image for DemocratCare- Makes Your Vagina the Government’s Business, By Law.

How dumb are progressives?  They are so dumb that they will promote the Democrat parties lie about how they are keeping the government out of your bedroom while writing and forcing through legislation that will require doctors to inventory your sex life as part of ObamaCare. ‘Are you sexually active? If so, with one partner, […]

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The TEA Party is Left’s whipping boy – even for issues not involving the TEA Party

by Skip August 29, 2013
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Issues that define the TEA Party movement? Fiscal frugality on the part of Government Constitutional boundaries – limits to Government (to protect us from Government) Free Markets So, in advance of yesterday’s March on Washington on the 50th anniversary of MKL’s “I have a Dream” speech, what topic did a nationally known feminist blame the […]

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Y U No Proud To Be Abortion Barbie?

by Steve MacDonald August 8, 2013

Yesterday I posted Erick Erickson’s nickname for Wendy Davis.  Today we find a smattering of blow-back. Why making an 'Abortion Barbie' comment is going too, too far. Our panel discussion w/ @krystalball & @Huntsmanabby: http://t.co/kR3Pg6kPJp — Martin Bashir (@BashirLive) August 7, 2013 and blow-back to the blow-back. Contrast between Lib outrage at Abortion Barbie label […]

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Erick Erickson’s Nickname for Wendy Davis

by Steve MacDonald August 7, 2013

False outrage from the left “sold” seperately. It is a bit embarrassing that Abortion Barbie doesn't even have her facts straight on Kermit Gosnell considering abortion is her issue. — Erick Erickson (@EWErickson) August 6, 2013   H/T Cahnman’s Musings

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Post Birth Abortion From A Joke To Petition

by Scott Morales July 29, 2013

Note: I wrote this on Friday and found myself w/out a connection and unable to get back to it until now.  So, hopefully it’s not too out of date. Now and then the surprising and sharp scent of the past curls into my conscious and scraps up an unexpected memory from a dormant and distant […]

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What – more college students that can’t do math?

by Skip July 26, 2013

I sometimes despair of what our educational system is handing to our society.  Really – allowing for 4/3 of a gestational period abortion?  And none of these clucks caught this – even for the sociology or education majors  that actually have a full hand of fingers? Video auto plays…on the jump.

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