4th Amendment

To be Secure in their Persons, Houses, Papers, and Effects

by Mike April 14, 2018

Paul Manafort may be a sleazy lobbyist, but we don’t raid and arrest the armies of lobbyists in DC just for being sleazy. Lawyer Michael Cohen may have flirted with campaign finance violations in his attempts to dissuade ‘Stormy’ Daniels from going public about a 12 year old encounter with Trump, but we don’t send […]

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Apple, The Feds, And The Fourth (Amendment)

by Mike February 18, 2016

As Steve’s post this morning vividly illustrates, trading a little essential liberty for temporary security will inevitably lead to the growth of a burgeoning and destructive security apparatus which threatens to devour its creators. Think about the time when John Kasich said (paraphrasing) “Megyn, we shouldn’t talk about [encryption] back doors here – that’s something […]

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Who’s Afraid Of The Big Bad Spook?

by Mike December 20, 2013
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Free State lawyer in NH saves family and enforces U.S. Constitution in New Jersey

by Tim Condon March 20, 2013

Democrats and other regressives (not “progressives”; these people have nothing to do with “progress”) love to call names and tell lies about the Free State Project and its participants. That’s because Freestaters tend to revere the U.S Constitution and the Bill of Rights (which are inconveniences to regressives, who are statists to the core). A […]

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A NH Boot to Big Brother’s Neck – HB 445-FN

by Steve MacDonald January 3, 2012

If you watch television you’ve probably seen your share of cop or crime shows.  There are two things that always stand out to me.  First, almost everyone talks to the cops without a lawyer. (Dumb.)  Second, the police are always using a suspect’s cell phone or car GPS to track them down. The real America […]

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