Liz Warren’s Constituents Don’t Want Her to be Their President

by Steve MacDonald September 22, 2018

Liz Warren says she isn’t running for President but seeing as she has a reputation for stretching the truth this might prove useful if, in fact, she is building a ground game for a run in 2020. A new poll has only 32% of Warren’s constituents thinking she should run for president and a whopping […]

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McDonald’s Drops the Hammer – Ordering Kiosks in Every Store by 2020

by Steve MacDonald July 21, 2018

Spurned by meddling Democrats crying for government intervention in the value of an hour of labor McDonald’s began testing Kiosks in Europe. That expanded to here and there and over there. But the time has come. No more fiddling around the edges. The trial period has ended. McD’s is putting self-serv kiosks in every restaurant […]

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Such an angry “Inclusive” bigoted person

by Skip January 13, 2018

“Inclusive” – that’s the word that is tossed around by the Left to describe the world as they want it to be.  Kumbyra and all that – a glorious Utopian place to be.  There’s a hitch in all that and Jennifer Abbott shows the true face of the Left – and why their usage of […]

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Oprah for Prez

by Ed Naile January 9, 2018

I find this take on the Oprah for President speculation hard to find: Will billionaire presidential candidate Oprah release her IRS records for public review? That is the first thing that came to my mind. She didn’t make as much money as she has without some interesting investments. Bring it on.

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