2018 NH Governor Race

I feel real sorry for financial advisor Molly Kelly’s (running for NH Governor) clients…

by Skip September 23, 2018

One of the ads Molly Kelly was running during the primary was this gem of Cognitive Dissonance / Political double dealing (emphasis mine) We’re getting slammed by ever higher electric bills. Eversource is making huge profits. The Governor?  He collected more than $50K from Eversource and vetoed two renewable energy bills. I’m Molly Kelly and […]

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Have we been down this Sununu road before?

by Skip September 13, 2018

I took a LOT of crap for writing this post about then US Senator John E. Sununu’s lack of campaigning – and Jeanne Shaheen cleaned his campaign clock and took his seat away. So I ask once again – how much campaigning has one seen from latest / youngest scion of the Super Sununu family lately?  […]

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Let’s remind people why we split from King George and beat the Redcoats

by Skip August 1, 2018

Only $15 (down from $22.95) – isn’t competition and Capitalism grand? No, this is not an ad by Libertarian COuntry on the ‘Grok.  Rather, it’s a reminder of how far stalwart Liberty loving Americans (as opposed to the Berni-bros and Ocasio-Cortez’ers slouching to Socialism) were willing to stand up to abusers and oppressors.  Taxation for a limited […]

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CNHT Taxpayer Family Reunion Picnic – Candidates for NH Governor

by Skip July 9, 2018

No, current GOP Governor Chris Sununu (only candidate in the NH GOP primary) was a no-show at this event (was it something we all said at an earlier “conservative Old Home Day meeting” that never happened?) but a potential rival did show up (albeit, late in the day) – Aaron Day and came well prepared to speak: […]

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