2016 Presidential Campaign

Erstwhile 2016 Democrat Prez Candidate thanks Establishment Republicans for doing Democrats’ dirty work

by Skip July 18, 2014

Irony; Hillary Clinton thanks the Jr. Partners of the Democrat Party for doing the Democrats’ dirty work.  She knows EXACTLY – and GOP Establishment wing of the GOP can’t deny it as they made big deals of what they were going to do to Conservative and TEA Party candidates.  And more than a few cases […]

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Even THESE Lefty talking heads don’t know what Hillary’s done

by Skip April 14, 2014

Sorry, but putting up with Bill’s philandering doesn’t make one a Presidential quality candidate.  Either does being an activist First Lady.  Haven’t heard of her singular accomplishments as a US Senator after she just “dropped into” New York either (although I have heard she was a hard worker – but I couldn’t tell you what […]

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Yeah, she is bossy…

by Skip March 13, 2014

Steve had it first so I figured that this might help the meme out: (H/T: Powerline) After all, how much more bossy can you get as she showed an absolute total lack of respect for small business owners that knew that HillaryCare would put them out of business: ‘I can’t be responsible for every under-capitalized […]

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Given the results of the Republican “adults” (Ford, Dole, McCain, Rommney), could these two do much worse?

by Skip December 21, 2013

At least we already know where these folks stand on the issues, have nary a care that they’d go DC, the debates would be a hoot, and besides: It would be rather entertaining, yes? (H/T: Looking Spoon)

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Answering the question that WMUR’s Pindell asks – Part II

by Skip August 9, 2013

Heh!  This one’s easy (again from today’sWMUR  Political Standing: Remember when then-NHGOP chair Fergus Cullen pulled the party’s sponsorship of a 2008 Fox News presidential debate and the candidates showed up anyway? (Well, minus Ron Paul who wasn’t invited.) Not really, but the better question is:  “They didn’t pay attention to him then – has […]

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Is James Pindell calling Andy Leach the Second Coming of this guy?

by Skip December 1, 2012

Andy Leach: Andy continues to establish himself as Kelly Ayotte’s enforcer and the muscle behind her political machine. His behind the scenes moves this week dramatically shaped the chairmanship race more than most people realize. Andy’s work doesn’t always earn him friends (see the Grok post), but he’s quickly becoming the most effective person at […]

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