2012 Election Disaster

Common Sense Resistance?

by Tim Condon November 9, 2012

We’re all reeling from what has just happened in America two days ago. It appears to signify a new electoral paradigm. For the rest of us, the question is how to deal with it. Late on the night of the election, an obviously exhausted and agitated Bill Whittle of PJMedia spent nearly an hour and […]

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Viguerie: “The Battle To Takeover The GOP Begins Today”

by Mike November 8, 2012

In keeping with posts by Steve, Skip, and myself, today, I’m including this call to action by arch-conservative Richard Viguerie, founder of “ConservativeHQ”, whose readers tend to be very solid constitutionalists. Today’s poll asked CHQ readers what should happen to the GOP in the light of Tuesday’s debacle: 73% The establishment Repub. Party has failed, […]

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